How to Use Apple Wallet

Store boarding passes, rewards cards, IDs, and more

Apple Wallet is a mobile wallet app you can use for making mobile payments, boarding a flight, saving coupons, and so much more. In tandem with Apple Pay, the Apple Wallet app is a secure way to handle all your payment needs, without the need for physical cards or cash.

Apple Wallet is only available on iPhone and iPod touch.

Scenes of people using Apple Wallet
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Store a Wide Range of Things in Your Apple Wallet App

Apple Wallet has the ability to store a wide range of things, including, but not limited to:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Rewards cards
  • Store coupons and offers
  • Boarding passes
  • Movie tickets
  • Gift cards
  • Student IDs (for select campuses only)

Apple Wallet displays your credit and debit cards, plus coupons, boarding passes, and more. Cards other than your credit or debit card are called "passes." These passes include information like your gift card balance, expiration dates, seat numbers for concerts, flight seat numbers, and more.

How to Add Passes to Apple Wallet App

To start using Apple Wallet, you should first add the important passes you wish to use from your device. There are many ways to add passes according to Apple, including:

  • Using Wallet-enabled apps
  • Tapping a wallet notification after paying with Apple Pay
  • Through Mail or Messages
  • Via web browser
  • Sharing through AirDrop
  • From a Mac

To add most passes can be added to your Wallet, tap Add to Apple Wallet where applicable, such as in an email or while visiting a retailer's website. For example, Delta allows you to add your boarding pass to your Wallet right after checking in for your flight.

However, one of the most commonly used methods is adding a pass using a barcode or QR code.

Add a Pass with a Barcode or QR Code

To add a pass with a barcode or QR code, first locate the pass you wish to create and then follow these steps.

  1. Open the Wallet app on your device.

  2. Scroll down and tap Edit Passes > Scan Code.

    The QR code scanner is only available on devices using iOS 11 and 12.

  3. Wait for the scanner to start, then scan your barcode or QR code. The pass will be added to your Apple Wallet.

    Edit Passes function in the Apple Wallet

How to Use an Apple Wallet Pass

Once you add a pass to your Apple Wallet, it's easy to access and use. Start by opening your Wallet app.

Using a Retail Store Pass

Most Wallet passes are retail store rewards cards, coupons, or offers. After adding these cards to your wallet, using them in-store is simple.

  1. Locate the pass you wish to use by scrolling through your Wallet.

  2. Tap the pass to view the details including the barcode or QR code.

  3. If you're in-store, the cashier will simply scan the code right from your device. It's that easy.

Using a Boarding Pass

Some airlines like Delta and American Airlines allow you to save your boarding pass to your Apple Wallet right after you check-in. You don't have to carry your physical boarding pass with you. Other passes like movie or concert tickets, IDs, and more are used in the exact same way.

You'll need to download the mobile app for the airline you're using in order to save boarding passes to your Wallet. Make sure you do this first.

  1. Locate your boarding pass in your Apple Wallet.

  2. Scan your mobile boarding pass before you enter security and at the gate before you board your flight.

  3. Swipe left and right to view all of your available boarding passes. If your trip has multiple legs or flights, the Wallet keeps your boarding passes together.

How to Remove a Pass From Your Wallet

Whether you've used the last of that gift card or a coupon has expired, there's an easy way to remove passes from your Wallet.

  1. Open your Wallet app and locate the pass you want to remove.

  2. Tap the pass, then tap the ellipses icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

  3. Tap Remove Pass > Remove to delete it from your Wallet.

    Remove Pass feature inside of Apple Wallet

From your Wallet's main screen, you can also tap Edit Passes > the red minus icon > Delete All.

Apple Wallet and Apple Pay

Besides the ability to track and keep passes in your Wallet, the app also allows you to store your credit and debit card information by using Apple Pay. You can add new cards to Apple Pay and use them to make mobile payments online or in-app wherever they're accepted.