How to Use Android Night Mode

Give your eyes a rest with a night filter

Staring at smartphone screens all day and night might make your eyes feel tired.Plus, the light from a smartphone screen might make it difficult to fall asleep and may even affect the quality of one’s sleep. Stock Android smartphones have a feature called Night Light designed to reduce eye strain and interfere less with your sleep. It also makes it more comfortable to read in dim light, if that’s how you like to wind down.

Samsung Android phones don’t have the Night Light feature, but instead have a blue light filter. Samsung’s Night Mode is like Android’s dark mode, which switches from the default white background with black text to a black background with white text.

Here’s how both Android’s Night Light and Samsung’s blue light filter work.

Night Light instructions apply to Android 9.0 Pie and 8.0 Oreo. Night Light is not available on Android 7.0 Nougat or earlier. 

Samsung blue light instructions apply to Galaxy smartphones running Android 7.0 and later.

How to Turn the Android Night Light On and Off

You can set up Android’s Night Light feature on a schedule or manually turn it on and off.

  1. Go to Settings > Display > Night Light.

  2. On the Night Light screen, you can set up a schedule, adjust start and end time, adjust the intensity (if Night Light is on), and turn the mode on or off.

    Android's Night Light Setting
  3. To set up a daily schedule, tap Schedule. Then choose between Turns on a custom time or Turns on from sunset to sunrise. For the latter option, you’ll need to share your location, so your smartphone knows what time the sun rises and sets in your time zone.

  4. If you choose a custom time, then, you can tap Start time and End time to bring up a clock to set your schedule. 

  5. If you don’t set up a schedule, you’ll see a button at the bottom that either says Turn on now or Turn off now. When using the Schedule feature, you can always turn Night Light on or off early.

  6. If you set a custom time, the button will say Turn on until 9:00 AM or Turn off until 10:00 PM, for example. For sunset to sunrise, you’ll see Turn on until sunrise or Turn off until sunset.

    Android Night Light settings.
  7. When Night Light is on, you can adjust the intensity of the amber tint.

How to Use Samsung’s Blue Light Filter

Like Android's Night Light feature, the blue light filter can be enabled manually or set on a schedule.

  1. On your Samsung Galaxy, go to Settings > Display.

  2. From this screen, you can toggle it on and off, or tap Blue light filter to see more settings.

    Samsung Blue Light filter settings.
  3. On the next screen, there’s a toggle next to Turn on now that you can use to turn the filter on and off.

  4. Or you can toggle on Turn on as scheduled, then select Sunset to sunrise or Custom schedule. Just like with Android’s Night Light, you’ll need to enable your location to be shared for the first option.

    Samsung Blue Light filter settings.
  5. When the filter is on, you can adjust the opacity using a slider.

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