How to Get Alexa to Play Amazon Music

Don't have an Echo? Here's the scoop on listening from other devices

What to Know

  • Open the Amazon Music app on your mobile device and tap the Alexa icon (the speech bubble). Allow microphone access if necessary.
  • To give a voice command, tap the Alexa button again or say "Alexa" followed by the command.
  • On Fire tablets, access Alexa by holding down the Home button. Once you see the blue line, give a music command.

This article explains how to get Alexa to play Amazon Music on Android, iOS, and Fire tablets. The instructions below will work for all Amazon Music subscribers, whether you have access through an Amazon Prime account or you've made Amazon Music your primary streaming music service by paying the monthly service fee.

Using Alexa on Amazon Music With iPhone and iPad

You can ask Alexa to play songs from the Amazon Music app on your phone or tablet, just as you would play music using an Echo device. The key to using your voice and Alexa commands to play songs is to download the Amazon Music apps for your device, be it an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or Fire tablet.

Amazon Music for iPhone and iPad are nearly identical to one another. If you use Alexa to play music using voice commands on one, you’ll have it set up on the other.

If you haven’t already, start by downloading Amazon Music on the App Store, then signing in using your Amazon account.

Allow microphone access on iOS

To enable Alexa inside Amazon Music:

  1. Tap the Alexa icon, found on the right side of the bottom menu.
  2. It will ask for microphone access; tap Allow.
  3. Tap OK on the iOS notification, confirming microphone access

You’re now ready to ask Alexa to play music. You can tap the Alexa button and say a music command, but ‘hands-free with Alexa’ is also enabled by default; as long as the Amazon Music app is open, you can just say “Alexa” and it will start listening. If this setting is turned off, you'll need to tap the Alexa button to issue a command.

Alexa for Amazon Music is not yet supported on PC, Mac, or web browsers. While there is an Amazon Alexa app focused on manipulating Echo devices, you’ll want to use the Amazon Music app in most cases.

Using Alexa on Amazon Music With an Android Device

Alexa inside the Amazon Music Android app works similarly to iOS. The biggest difference being the app will ask for microphone permission when you download Amazon Music.

After downloading and launching Amazon Music, simply tap the Alexa icon on the right side of the bottom menu.

Alexa inside Amazon Music isn't supported on all Android devices. If you have an unsupported device, the Alexa icon will be replaced with a magnifying glass for search; you will only be able to search for music using text.

Using Alexa on Amazon Music With a Fire Tablet

If you’re using an Amazon Fire Tablet (4th generation or later), you’re in luck; because this is an Amazon device using an Amazon service (Alexa), there’s nothing to download to get started. Everything is ready to go.

  1. Access Alexa by holding down the circular on-screen Home button.
  2. Once you see the blue line, give a (music) command.
  3. Alexa will then start playing your music selection.
Access Alexa on Fire Tablet

Tip: In addition to Fire Tablets, you can use Alexa to play music using an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Amazon Tap, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Edition.

Try These Alexa Music Voice Commands

Alexa can play music, not just by asking for a specific artist or song, but from lots of other unique selections. For example, you can ask about:

  • Genres (Rock/Pop/ R&B…)
  • Moods (Happy/Sad/Excited…)
  • Time of Day (Morning/Noon/Nighttime…)
  • Location (Beach/Driving/School...)
Alexa music commands

These are in addition to more standard commands like, "Play the latest from Death Cab For Cutie."

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