How to Print From Your iPhone With AirPrint

Add a printer to your iPhone with these easy steps

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The iPhone can be used for more than just communication, games, music, and movies. You can also print files stored on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices through a technology called AirPrint. The iPhone doesn't have a USB port, and can't connect to printers with cables like a desktop or laptop computer. Instead, it uses AirPrint. AirPrint is a wireless technology built into every iOS device that uses Wi-Fi and compatible printers to print from the iPhone.

Instructions in this article apply to devices running iOS 4.2 or later.

Requirements for Using AirPrint

To use AirPrint from an iOS device:

  • Set up an AirPrint-compatible printer. Not all printers support AirPrint, check Apple's list before you buy.
  • Connect the iOS device and printer to the same Wi-Fi network. An iPhone connected to a work network cannot print to a printer connected to a home network, for example.
  • Install an app that supports AirPrint on the iOS device.

How to Use AirPrint

To print a document on an iOS device using AirPrint:

  1. Open, or create, the document, photo, email, or other file that you want to print.

  2. Tap Share, then tap Print.

    If the Print option isn't in the list, swipe right to left on the bottom row of icons to display more options. If it's not in this list, the app may not support printing.

    Share button and Print command in Safari on an iPhone
  3. In the Printer Options screen, tap Select Printer.

  4. In the Printer screen, tap a printer.

    Selecting a printer for AirPlay on an iPhone
  5. Tap the + and - buttons to set the number of copies to print.

    Depending on the printer, other options may be available, for example, double-sided printing, color selection, and page ranges for multi-page documents.

  6. When you've made your choices, tap​ Print.

    Choosing the number of copies to print, and the Print command, on an iPhone
  7. The document will go to the printer.

Pre-Loaded iOS Apps That Support AirPrint

The following Apple-created apps pre-loaded on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch support AirPrint: