How to Update Your Slack Status

Easily communicate your availability to colleagues

When you use Slack with your work team, let your co-workers know if you're available and what you're doing. A simple way to do this is to change your Slack status icons. You can also customize your status to give teammates more information about your status and set a time limit for a status.

Instructions in this article apply to the Slack apps for the desktop, the web, Android phones and tablets, and iOS devices.

About Slack Status Icons

When you sign in to Slack, your status displays next to your name at the top of the left sidebar, in the Direct messages section of the left sidebar, and next to your name in a message. When you are active and available, a green dot appears next to your name. When you sign out, your status icon changes to a hollow circle to indicate that you're away.

Slack status icons

These icons may change automatically depending on whether you are actively using the Slack app or not:

  • On the desktop version of Slack: Your status icon shows as active when you are actively using your computer. Your status icon shows as away when your computer has been inactive for 30 minutes.
  • Using Slack in a web browser: Your status icon is active as long as you use Slack. After 30 minutes of browser inactivity, your status icon shows away.
  • Using the Slack apps: Your status icon is active when the Slack app is open. When you switch to another app, close the Slack app, or lock the device screen, your status shows as away.

Set a custom status when you want to use your status icon to give your teammates more information. A custom status includes an emoji and a status description that you choose.

How to Change Your Status Quickly

If you have only a second to tell co-workers that you're not available, change your status from active to away. This way, you can change your status without signing out of your Slack account.

This feature is only available in the web version of Slack.

  1. Go to the left sidebar and select your name.

    The left sidebar of Slack used to change the status icons
  2. In the fly-out menu, select Change to change your status from active to away.

    Change status from active to away in Slack
  3. Your status changes to away, and your status icon in the Direct Messages section turns to a hollow circle.

    Slack status icons set to show that the user is away
  4. When you return and want your team members to know you're available, go to the left sidebar, select your name, then select Change to change your status from away to active.

Provide More Status Information with Slack Status Icons

When you want to give your team more information about your status, create a custom status. Slack contains five status updates that you can customize to fit your situation.

  1. Go to the left sidebar and select your name. On iOS, swipe from right to left to open the right sidebar. On Android, tap the Overflow menu (the three stacked dots).

  2. Select Update your status. On iOS and Android, tap Set a status.

    Customize your status in Slack
  3. Choose a suggested status.

    Choose a custom status in Slack

    If you don't see a status that fits your situation, select the Smiley Face icon, then choose an emoji. For example, select the Airplane Departure Slack emoji and enter a status of Out-of-town interviews to let your team know that you're on your way to the airport.

  4. To change the status description, edit the text in the text box. This description can be up to 100 characters.

  5. Select the Clear after drop-down arrow and choose when you are no longer at the selected status. For example, choose Today to set the status for the current day. At the end of the day, your status changes to active or away, depending on whether you are signed in or not.

    Set a time limit for a Slack status

    To show a status indefinitely, select Don't clear.

  6. Select Save when you finish.

  7. To view your status, go to the Direct messages section of the left sidebar and hover over your name.

    View a Slack status

Automatically Show Teammates You're on a Slack Call

When you answer a Slack call, you may not have time to change your status. If you want to let others know that you're in a call and prefer not to be disturbed, change the Slack Advanced options.

  1. Select your name, then select Preferences.

    The Slack Preferences option
  2. Select Advanced.

  3. Scroll to the Other Options section, then select the Set my status to "On a call" when I join a Slack call check box.

    The Slack Advanced options to set status when on a call
  4. Close the Preferences window when you finish.

How to Change or Remove Your Status

To change your status, select your name in the left sidebar, select Update your status, then change the status icon, description, and duration.

To clear your status and revert to the default active status, select your name in the left sidebar, then select Clear status.

Clearing a Slack status

Stop Notifications When You're Away from Slack

If your teammates know that you'll be out of the office for some time or if you'll be on vacation, pause Slack notifications. To disable notifications for a specified amount of time, select your name in the left sidebar, select Pause notifications, then choose how long you don't want to be disturbed.

Turn off notifications in Slack

When Do Not Disturb is active, you won't receive notifications. To resume notifications, change your status.

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