How to Update Amazon Fire Stick

Fire TV owners, stay current with these tips

What to Know

  • On Fire Stick, go to Settings > Device (or System) > About > Check for System Update.
  • If there is an update, download and install it. After the download, select Install System Update.
  • Manual updates shouldn't be necessary on a Fire Stick, as it should update automatically.

Amazon Fire Stick continuously updates to introduce new functions and to improve performance by fixing bugs. These patches automatically download and install to your device when it's connected to the internet. You can also manually check for and install software updates. Here's how to update your Fire Stick.

How to Update Your Amazon Fire Stick

Here's how to perform a manual Amazon Fire TV update:

  1. From the Fire TV home screen, select Settings > Device > About.

    On the 1st Generation Amazon Fire Stick and the 1st Generation Amazon Fire TV, in certain cases, select System instead of Device.

  2. Select Check for System Update.

  3. The device searches for the latest patch, which automatically downloads if it's available. Once it's downloaded, select Install System Update.

    Alternatively, the update installs automatically the next time you restart the Fire TV, or after the device is idle for more than 30 minutes.

When to Update Your Amazon Fire Stick

Performing a manual update shouldn't be necessary. The software should automatically update when a new version is available and the device is connected to the internet.

If you prefer taking matters into your own hands, it's worth checking for updates regularly, since Amazon introduces updates at a healthy pace. A new update is released about once every couple of months, according to the Software Update History compiled by AFTVnews, a site dedicated to Amazon Fire TV news. It's a good idea to check in with your device based on this time frame, in case it hasn't been updated automatically.

Amazon Fire TV Software Update: Things to Remember

For a system update to work, the Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV requires an internet connection. If you have trouble downloading an update, check your internet connection. If you have problems with your Wi-Fi, and own a 1st or 2nd Generation Amazon Fire TV box, connect an Ethernet cable directly to the device. This is also something you can do on an Amazon Fire TV Cube.

If you continue experiencing problems (for example, error messages), Amazon recommends that you restart the Amazon Fire TV device by disconnecting the power for about three seconds and then reconnecting.

You can also restart the device by holding the Select and Play/Pause buttons for five seconds.

This method is particularly recommended if your device freezes while an update is in progress. You can also reset a Fire Stick if it continues to have problems.

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