How to Unsubscribe from (Mute) a Conversation in Gmail

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Ah, the endless thread about the proper way to knot a tie. Oh, the incessant conversation concerning coffee and how hot it should be brewed.

Some threads on mailing list can be off topic, irrelevant and irritating. Sure, it just takes a quick y to archive the conversation in Gmail — but then it takes that y again; and again; and again.

For disputes that won't settle, irrelevant but obviously engaging musings and anything you're not all that interested in, Gmail has a clever solution.

You can unsubscribe from a conversation or "mute" it. Future messages in the conversation are archived automatically and do not pop up in your Gmail Inbox.

You can, of course, unmute a thread at any time or access unannounced messages.

Unsubscribe from (Mute) a Conversation in Gmail

To mute a thread in Gmail:

  • Open the conversation.
  • Press m.

The thread is archived and future messages in it are delivered only to the archive, albeit not marked read. If a message in the thread has one of your addresses in the To: or Cc: fields, the whole thread is moved back to your Gmail Inbox.

Access Muted Conversations in Gmail

To read messages in a thread from which you have unsubscribed in Gmail:

  • Go to All Mail and open the desired thread,
  • search for the thready by its subject, for example, or
  • type "is:muted" in the search box and hit Enter to see all unsubscribed conversations.

Unmute a Thread in Gmail

You can re-subscribe to a conversation, of course, and have future messages in it go to the Inbox again.

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