How to Unsend Email With Gmail Offline

Oops computer key

Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

A habit can save you when, from time to time, you send an email—and seconds later discover you've addressed it to the wrong person, forgot an attachment or mixed metaphors.

Compose and send all your mail in Gmail offline, and you can take it back as long as you are offline.

If you prefer not to go offline every time you compose an email, Gmail can give you a few seconds to undo sending any messages, too.

Unsend Email With Gmail Offline

  • Make sure you are disconnected while composing your message.
  • Send the email as usual.
  • Before going online, open the Outbox.
  • Check the message you want to unsend.
  • Click Move to Drafts.

Under ​Drafts, you can now edit the message to make the desired changes and send it again. Of course, you can also delete the unsent email, right in the Outbox or under Drafts.