How to Unsend an Email in AOL

Aleksander Yrovskih / Getty Images

AOL uses a special, proprietary system to deliver emails between members. There are some quirks to that and delays when exchanging mail with non-AOL members are possible, but being different has advantages, too.

For example, you can take back an email that you have already sent. If you typed an angry message and now want to make sure the recipient doesn't see it, if you accidentally sent the wrong message to an even wronger person, if you changed your mind in general, you can unsend an email in AOL.

Unsend an Email in AOL

Note that unsending messages is currently not available in AOL desktop software.

To take back an email you sent in AOL:

  • Select Mail | Sent Mail from the menu in AOL.
  • Highlight the message you want to take back.
  • Click the Unsend button.

Which Emails You Can Unsend

Note that you can (effectively) unsend an email only if:

  • The message was sent to AOL recipients only.
    • You cannot take back an email if it also has been delivered to internet recipients, not even from AOL recipients.
  • You sent the message from AOL itself, not from an email client using IMAP and SMTP to access an AOL email account.