How to Unsend an Email in AOL

Recall an Email Using AOL Desktop Gold Software

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AOL uses a proprietary system to deliver emails between members that allows you to unsend an email you have already sent as long as the recipients all used AOL email addresses. If you typed an angry message and now want to make sure the recipient doesn't see it if you accidentally sent the wrong message to an even wronger person, or if you changed your mind in general, you can unsend an email in AOL, but only if you use AOL Desktop Gold software.

Unsend an Email in AOL

Unsending messages is currently available only in the paid AOL Desktop Gold software. You cannot unsend an email from the online AOL Mail or from the AOL mobile app.

To take back an email you sent in AOL:

  1. Open AOL Desktop Gold on your computer.

  2. Go to the Send mail folder.

  3. Place a check in the box in front of the message you want to unsend.

  4. Click the Unsend button.

  5. Click Unsend again.

Know AOL's Limits

Note that you can unsend an email only if:

  • The message was sent to AOL recipients only. You cannot retrieve an email if it is delivered to internet recipients, not even from the AOL recipients.
  • You sent the message from AOL Gold Desktop, not from an email client or app.