How to Unsave Messages on Snapchat

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When you chat with a friend or a group of friends on Snapchat, those messages are automatically cleared from the chat box after you navigate away from it. However, you can optionally save and unsave Snapchat messages that are temporarily important.

A screenshot of a smartphone screen showing the Snapchat app.

Why Save and Unsave Snapchat Messages?

If you or a friend you're chatting with shares a piece of information that's worth remembering, it can be helpful to save it so that you can access it later. When that piece of information is no longer of any need to you or your Snapchat friends, you can clean up your chat by unsaving it.

You can save and unsave a message as many times as you want as long as you don't exit the chat. Tap the message and a "Saved" label appears to the left of it for a second or two and the message turns gray.

How to Unsave a Snapchat Message

The following instructions apply to the iOS and Android Snapchat apps, though the screenshots are from an iPhone. Android users should be able to follow along but might notice some small differences.

  1. Open the individual or group chat box that has your saved message (or messages) by tapping it. You might be able to access the chat on your conversations tab, or you can search for the friend or group name using the search function at the top.

  2. All saved messages are highlighted in gray; identify the one that you want to unsave.

    You can't select multiple saved messages in bulk to unsave them. So if you have saved messages in multiple different chats with friends or groups, you'll have to open each one individually.

  3. There are two ways you can unsave a message:

    • Tap a saved message. An "Unsaved" label appears to the left of it for a second or two before it quickly disappears.
    • Tap and hold a saved message to see a list of options pop up. Tap Unsave in Chat to unsave it.
    Two method to unsave a post in Snapchat

    The first way is the fastest given that it only requires a single tap.

  4. After you successfully unsave a message, it is no longer highlighted in gray. When you navigate away from the chat, the message you unsaved is permanently deleted and not viewable again when you return to the chat.

How Unsaving Snapchat Messages Works

When you save a Snapchat message, everyone in the chat is able to see it as long as it remains saved. In other words, if you save a message for yourself, you're also saving it for everybody else to see too.

Likewise, when someone else in the chat saves a message, it saves for everyone. If you unsaved a message but it remains highlighted in gray and doesn't disappear when you exit the chat, then somebody else has saved it. Unfortunately, you can't unsave a message on behalf of someone else. So if everybody in a group chat saved a message, everybody would also have to unsave it for it to disappear from the app. You'll have to ask the other chat participants to unsave the message on their side if you want to delete it permanently.

If you want to see who saved a message in a group chat, tap and hold it; you should see a "Saved by: Name" label beneath the Save/Unsave in Chat option.

Finally, if you clear your conversations from your settings tab but have previously saved messages in those conversations, that does not unsave them. Clearing conversations only removes them from your main conversations tab. You need to follow the instructions above to unsave your saved messages.