How to Unblock a Sender in Gmail

Editing or Deleting the Blocking Rule

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Unblocking a sender in Gmail. CZQS2000 / STS / Getty Images

One rule was all it took to get rid of all mail from an obnoxious sender (or get it to delivered straight to the Trash) in Gmail. What about unblocking a sender, though? Will it take another rule or do you have to get rid of the filter?

Depending on how you set up sender blocking in Gmail, either editing or deleting a blocking rule will do the unblocking trick, and both options are easy.

Unblock a Sender in Gmail

To remove an address (or domain) from your list of blocked senders in Gmail:

  • Click the Settings gear () in Gmail.
  • Select Settings from the menu that appears.
  • Go to the Filters tab.
  • Look for the email address you want to unblock in a rule that has Delete it as the action under Do this:.
  • If the rule only deletes messages from that address:
    • Click delete for that rule.
    • Click OK.
  • If the rule deletes mail from multiple senders (separated by ‘|'):
    • Click edit for that rule.
    • Locate and delete the address you want to unblock in the From field.
    • Make sure addresses to delete are still separated by '|' after you have deleted the address (if more than one address remains).
    • Click Continue ».
    • Now click Update filter.
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