How to Type International Accented Letters in iPhone Mail

A Simple Guide

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"Cedilla," "háček" and "accent aigu" look and sound great — but if you use them instead of the diacritics they represent things get unwieldy fast.

In iPhone and iPod touch Mail, you can write "háček" instead of "haaccentaiguchacekek" if you're just a bit patient tapping. 

Type International Accented Letters in iPhone Mail

To insert an international character in iPhone Mail:

  • Keep the character you want to modify tapped.
    • To insert 'ç', for example, hold down the C.
  • Highlight the desired accented character in the pop-up menu and let go.
    • If the desired diacritic does not appear, try iPhone's auto-correction dictionary. To type 'č', for example, type "hacek," have iPhone Mail correct this to "háček" (using the U.S English keyboard), and delete the characters surrounding the 'č'.

In short, you can find out if a letter has a diacritical mark by tapping and holding it.