How to Turn On the iPad's iTunes Match

How to Turn On the iPad's iTunes Match. Daniel Nations

How to Turn On iTunes Match via iCloud Music Library

Apple's iTunes Match is a great service that matches all of the songs in your music library and allows you to stream them on any of your devices.  So long as the song is in Apple's library, it will stream the highest quality version of the song.  For music not in Apple's library, the individual song will be uploaded to iCloud Music Library, allowing you to stream it to other devices.  

iTunes Match is different from Apple Music, which is a subscription that allows you to stream music from Apple without purchasing it.  However, they both use "iCloud Music Library" to stream the music to your device, so it can get a little confusing.  iTunes Match is a $24.95 a year subscription and Apple Music costs $9.99.  

The iTunes Match service is best for those with a large collection of purchased music, especially music that was not purchased through iTunes.  The service is cheaper than Apple Music and allows you to stream all of that music, so it can save space on your iPad.  Apple Music is better for those who buy a lot of music and would rather just pay a flat monthly subscription to get access to a large library of music.

How to Turn On iTunes Match:

  1. Go to the iPad's settings by touching the Settings icon. Get Help Opening the iPad's Settings
  2. Scroll down the menu on the left side of the screen and tap on "Music".
  3. If you are not subscribed to iTunes Match, you can tap the subscribe button on this screen.  You may be prompted to log into your Apple ID account.
  4. To activate iTunes Match on the device, tap the switch next to "iCloud Music Library".  Apple has become a little confusing with their myriad of iCloud services, and while the service  is still called "iTunes Match", you turn it on via "iCloud Music Library."
  5. If prompted, enter the username and password for your Apple account.

And you are set. If you are just subscribing to iTunes Match, you will want to turn it on for all of your devices  Remember, you don't need to download your music to each device.  You can stream it from iCloud.  However, downloading the actual songs will allow them to play even when you aren't connected to the Internet.