How to Turn on Gmail Dark Mode in Android 10

And turn it off, too!

Google added a dark theme to Android 9, but it was a half-measure that only worked on a short list of apps and functions. Their very own Gmail app wasn’t on the list. But with Android 10, Google has amped up the dark theme to increase its functionality and app compatibility.

As with all new Android OS releases, v10 is currently in very limited release. Owners of Google’s Pixel line of phones (including the Pixel 4) will benefit immediately. Hopefully, by the time you read this, Google will have updated the actual Gmail app for all Android and iOS users.

How to Enable the Dark Theme on Android

There are two ways to go dark on Android. The first is to toggle the dark theme on for the whole phone (again, it only works with certain apps). Gmail will automatically switch to the new theme. The second is to manually select it within the Gmail app itself. We’ll go over both methods.

Activating the Dark Theme Using Android's Settings

One way to make Gmail display in Dark Mode is to activate the Dark theme on your Android device.

On some devices, turning on Dark Mode for the device won't necessarily make your Gmail app appear in Dark Mode. You may still need to enable this feature in Gmail.

  1. Open the Android's settings on your device.

  2. Tap Display.

  3. Toggle the Dark Theme option On.

    Display, Dark Theme toggle
  4. Now, any app that supports the mode should automatically do so. If you decide to turn it off, you can follow the same instructions but toggle the Dark Theme option Off.

Activating the Dark Theme in Gmail

If activating Dark Mode on your device doesn't automatically make Gmail display using a Dark theme, you can manually enable that.

  1. Open your Gmail app and tap the hamburger menu in the upper left of the screen.

  2. Tap Settings.

  3. Tap General settings.

    Settings, General Settings, Theme in Android settings
  4. Tap Theme, then choose the Dark option. 

    Dark Theme radio button, Dark theme in Gmail mobile
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