How to Turn Off the iPad's Zoom Feature

The iPad's accessibility features include the ability to zoom into the iPad's screen for those with poor or failing vision. It can also display a magnifying glass that can help those with poor vision read small text. Unfortunately, it can also cause some confusion for those who accidentally turn this feature on without meaning to do so. Here's how to configure the iPad to keep this feature off for those who do not need it. 

How to Turn off the Zoom Feature on the iPad

  1. Open the iPad's Settings.

    The iPad Settings app
  2. Tap General.

    General heading in Settings on iPad
  3. Tap Accessibility.

    Accessibility setting on iPad
  4. Tap Zoom.

    Zoom in the Accessibility settings on an iPad
  5. Tap the switch next to Zoom on the next screen to switch off the feature.

    The on/off switch for Zoom on an iPad
  6. If your iPad is using the Zoom feature when you switch it off, the screen will return to the default view.

Turn off the Accessibility Shortcut

One common way people accidentally engage the Zoom feature is by triple-clicking the home button. This Accessibility Shortcut turns on Zoom and several other options including inverted colors, reducing the white point of the display, and VoiceOver (to narrate text on the screen). Here's how to turn them all off.

  1. Under the General setting, tap Accessibility.

  2. Tap Accessibility Shortcut.

    If the Accessibility Shortcut is on, the menu will list the name of the feature it controls or "Ask."

    Accessibility Shortcut setting on iPad
  3. Tap everything on the list with a blue checkmark next to it.

    Disabling Accessibility Shortcut on iPad
  4. Unchecking all of the items will disable the Accessibility Shortcut.

The Accessibility menu is where you should look first if something seems different about how your iPad is displaying webpages or text. It includes settings that make the type bigger or bold, increase color contrast, and several other options that make the iPad more comfortable to use for people with diminished vision.

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