This Simple Tweak Turns Gmail's Conversation View On and Off

Enable Conversation View if you want Gmail to group conversations together

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If the "Conversation View" option in Gmail's settings is turned on, emails within the same topic are grouped together for supposed easier management. If you don't like this, it's really easy to disable Conversation View and see messages individually sorted by date.

Sometimes, similar topics grouped together can make things easier, but it might instead cause confusion when you're reading, moving, or deleting messages. Stopping this particular grouping of emails will show emails purely in chronological order.

Note: The steps below only apply to the desktop version of Gmail. Changing Conversation View settings is not currently an option when using the mobile Gmail website, Gmail's Inbox at, or the mobile Gmail app.

How Conversation View Works in Gmail

With Conversation View enabled, Gmail will group and display together:

  • all messages with the same subject line (disregarding prefixes such as "Re:", "Aw." or "Fwd:")
  • up to 100 emails at a time

How to Toggle Conversation View On/Off in Gmail

The option for turning off or turning on Conversation View in Gmail can be found in your account's General settings:

  1. Click or tap the gear icon at the top right of Gmail to open a new menu.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. In the General tab, scroll down until you find the Conversation View section.
  4. To turn Conversation View on, select the bubble next to Conversation view on.
    1. To disable and turn off Gmail's Conversation View, select Conversation view off.
  5. Hit the Save Changes button at the bottom of that page when you're done.