This Simple Tweak Turns Gmail's Conversation View On and Off

Enable Conversation View if you want Gmail to group conversations together

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When the Conversation View option in Gmail is turned on, emails related to the same topic are grouped together for what is intended to be easier management. If you don't like this organization method, it's easy to disable Conversation View.

Sometimes, grouping similar topics can make things easier, but sometimes it causes confusion when you're reading, moving, or deleting messages. When you turn off the Conversation View method of grouping emails, each message displays separately and in chronological order.

The steps here apply to the desktop version of Gmail. Changing the Conversation View settings is not currently an option when you are using the mobile Gmail website, Gmail's Inbox at, or the mobile Gmail app.

How Conversation View Works in Gmail

With Conversation View enabled, Gmail groups and displays together:

  • Messages with the same subject line, disregarding prefixes such as "Re:" and "Fwd:"
  • Up to 100 emails at a time

When the subject line changes or a conversation reaches 100 emails, Gmail starts a new conversation.

How to Toggle Conversation View On and Off in Gmail

The option for turning off or turning on Conversation View in Gmail can be found in your account's General settings:

  1. Go to Gmail in your computer browser.

  2. Click or tap the gear icon at the top right corner of the Gmail screen.

  3. Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

    Settings menu item in Gmail web page
  4. In the General tab, scroll down until you find the Conversation View section.

  5. To turn Conversation View on, select the radio button next to Conversation view on. To disable Gmail's Conversation View, select the button in front of Conversation view off.

    Screenshot of Gmail preferences highlighting Conversation view on or off options
  6. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen.