How to Turn On/Off Auto-Correct on the iPhone/iPad

If You Find Auto-Correct Annoying, Turn It Off

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Auto-Correction can be a helpful feature, but you may not want it on all the time. For all the good it can do and time it saves, auto-correction errors can be embarrassing, frustrating, or even unintentionally funny.

Here's how to turn the feature off if you'd rather trust your typing skills on your iPad or iPhone.

How to Turn Auto-Correction On or Off

You toggle auto-correction on or off in the Settings app.

  1. Tap the Settings app on the Home screen.

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  2. Choose General from the menu. 

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  3. Tap Keyboard to open the keyboard settings.

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  4. Tap the slider next to Auto-Correction to turn it on or off.

    Turn off auto-correct on iPad
  5. With Auto-Correction off, your iPhone or iPad will stop automatically changing the spellings of words it thinks you've mistyped.

How to Auto-Correct With Auto-Correction Turned Off

Check Spelling on iPad

The Check Spelling option in this menu looks for unfamiliar words and spellings, but it puts you in control of whether the iPad changes them. As you type, iOS will mark any words it suspects with a red, dotted underline.

Once you see a word marked this way, tap it. A menu will appear above with three options. Either tap the correct one or retype the word until it's correct.

The spell check will select the word automatically, so whatever you type will replace the highlighted text.

Predictive typing suggests words as you type. If you're keying a long word, keeping an eye on the predictions across the top of the keyboard allows you to use one tap to complete it.

A Few More Keyboard Tips for Your iPhone and iPad

Access the virtual trackpad on the iPad by holding two fingers down on the keyboard. This gesture turns the keys blank and lets you move the cursor with your fingers.

If your iPhone supports 3D Touch, you can press a single finger down on the keyboard to activate the virtual trackpad.

Numbers and special characters show above the letters on the keyboard on an iPad. Activate these alternate numbers and characters by tapping the key and sliding your fingers slightly down.

Voice Dictation bypasses typing completely but still keeps the Auto-Correction and spell-checking options available. Tap the microphone key next to the space key and speak to write a message. To insert a comma or period, while you dictate, say the word "comma" or "period."