How to Turn off 3D Animations in IncrediMail

Illustration of Brunelleschi's re-discovery of the vanishing point in linear perspective
The vanishing point makes for an effective three-dimensional view; don't want so much effect in IncrediMail?. cea+/Creative Commons 2.0

If IncrediMail's interface animations annoy you, you can turn them off.

A Pretty Waste of Time?

IncrediMail's animations are nice. It is certainly fascinating to watch them -- once.

If every message opens with a letter unfolding for seconds, though, the prettiest of animation can become tedious. Fortunately, you need not watch IncrediMail animate its interface. Disabling animations is easy.

Turn off Animations in IncrediMail

To disable interface animations (for, e.g., opening and sending messages) in IncrediMail:

  1. Select Tools | Options from the menu in IncrediMail.
  2. Go to the Effects tab.
  3. Click 3D Effects….
  4. Make sure Use 3D effect while sending emailUse 3D effect while reviewing email and Use 3D effects while opening dialogs are not checked under 3D Effects.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click OK again.

Turn off 3D Animations in IncrediMail Xe

To turn off 3D animations in IncrediMail:

  • Select Tools | Options… from the menu in IncrediMail Xe.
  • Make sure the General tab is selected
  • Click on Visual Settings....
  • Make sure all the boxes under 3D Effects are unchecked.
  • Close the dialogs with OK.