How to Track Your Messages With WhatsApp Check Marks

Check to See Who's Been Reading Your Messages

What to Know

  • Check marks appear to the right of messages. When you send a message, it's marked with a single gray check.
  • When the message reaches your recipient's device, there's a second gray check mark.
  • When the recipient reads your message, the check marks turn blue.

This article explains how you can track your WhatsApp messages using two colored check marks to see when a message has been sent, received, and read. It also explains how to turn off the read receipts.

How WhatsApp Check Marks Work

Check marks on WhatsApp appear to the right of each of your messages. When you send your message, it is marked with a single gray check mark. When the message reaches your recipient's device, you see a second gray check mark, and when the recipient reads your message, the check marks turn blue.

Whatapp with check marks showing

Group messages use the same system, but they're a little different. When sending a group message, you get the double check marks only when the message has been delivered to all members of the group. Similarly, the double check mark only turns blue after all members of the group have seen the message.

Beyond the Check Marks on WhatsApp

If you're wondering why your recipient hasn't read your latest message, you can dig a little deeper and get more information. At the top of your message thread, you'll see your recipient's name and the last time they were online. It's possible they just haven't been online since you sent it, or they've blocked you.

You can also see when the recipient is typing a message in this same area.

WhatsApp screens

How to See When a Message Was Received

You can also find out specific times and dates when a message was received and read.

Long-press on a message to select it. It will highlight in blue. At the top of your phone screen, tap the i icon. On the message info screen, you'll see the time and date when the message was delivered and read.

WhatsApp with message selected and read and delivered time info

How to Turn Off WhatsApp Read Receipts

All of this works because WhatsApp delivers read receipts. When a message is read, a little bit of data is sent back to the message sender. Read receipts are turned on by default, but they can be turned off. 

  1. Go to your list of messages and tap the three vertical dots menu in the upper right corner of the app and select Settings.

  2. Tap Select Account and then Privacy.

  3. Tap the Read receipts toggle to turn it off.

    WhatsApp Privacy settings with Read Receipts slider highlighted

    When you turn off read receipts, you no longer send back data when you open a message. You also won't receive that data from others, so you'll no longer see the blue check marks.

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