How to Tether Your Android Cellphone Using PdaNet+

Use the PdaNet+ App to Turn Your Smartphone into a Modem for Your Laptop

Cell phone connected to computer
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PdaNet+ is an app available for Android mobile phones. You use it to turn your smartphone into a modem for your laptop. Tethering capabilities mean you never have to worry about finding a Wi-Fi hotspot or be in the range of a wireless access point. As long as you have cellular data coverage, you can work online on your laptop wherever you are.

PdaNet+'s Android version enables tethering via USB cable or over Wi-Fi via its Direct Hotspot connection feature. Although you can use PdaNet+ for free with interruptions, the full version, which costs less than $10 as of late 2018, removes the interruptions and allows you to access secure websites after a 30-day trial period ends.

Download and Install PdaNet+ on Your Windows PC

To use the PdaNet+ app for tethering your Android phone, download the Android app from Google Play and install it on your Android phone running Android 4.1 and up. Also, install the software on the Windows computers for the Wi-Fi Direct Hotspot if you plan to use Wi-Fi.

  1. Download the PdaNet+ Windows Installer from the June Fabrics website.
  2. Install PdaNet+ on Your Computer. The setup on the computer side is straightforward though there are several steps involved. During the installation, you are prompted to select your cell phone manufacturer and also to connect your device via USB (enable USB debugging on your Android phone in Settings > Applications > Development). You may be warned by Windows Security that the publisher of the driver software can't be verified, but ignore that prompt and choose to Install this driver software anyway.
  3. Download PdaNet+ to Your Android Smartphone: After installing the PdaNet+ software for your Windows computer, you need the app on your Android smartphone. Search for "PdaNet" made by June Fabrics Technology Inc. in Google Play and install the app.
  4. Connect Your Android Phone to Your Computer to Share the Internet Connection: After the software is installed on both your Android phone and your laptop, you can share your phone's internet connection with your computer. To connect over USB: Go to the PdaNet+ app on your smartphone and select Enable USB Tether. Then use the USB cable to connect the device to your laptop. You get a pop-up window on the laptop that you click to connect the phone to PdaNet+. You may also need to click on the PdaNet+ icon in your taskbar and select Connect Internet.

You should then see the Connected! notification on your laptop and be able to surf the web using your Android's data connection.

Changes in PdaNet+

Previous versions of PdaNet supported Bluetooth connections, but Bluetooth is deprecated in PdaNet+ in favor of the faster USB and Wi-Fi connections options.

PdaNet+ for the Mac is no longer available from the App Store. You have to jailbreak your iPhone and install it using Cydia.