How to Tell If Amazon Prime Is Down

Is Amazon’s video on demand service down, or is it your device?

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If you're having trouble accessing your Amazon Prime on-demand content, it might be time to figure out if Amazon Prime is down for you or for everyone. Determining the severity of the outage is the first step to figuring out what to do about it.

How to Tell If Amazon Prime Video Is Down

If you try to watch a movie or TV show and Amazon Prime video is not working, it could be your home internet or Amazon’s service that isn’t working. There are a few key indicators to check and narrow down the problem to get it solved.

You’ll want to start with the source and continually check the next item in the line of devices that may be a problem. Here are a list of items to check to see if your home internet is the problem:

  • Check the modem and Wi-Fi router to see if all status lights are normal. If other internet connected devices in your home have a connection, assume the modem and router are working as intended.
  • Check the device you're using to watch Prime Video. Is the internet working on it for other apps or websites?

If all of those items in the chain so far are working, but Prime Video still isn’t, there’s a good chance the service may be down for more people than just you.

A computer and phone will be the easiest to check for Wi-Fi connection, but most TV boxes have a way to confirm internet connection as well.

What to Do When Prime Video Is Not Working

If you’ve confirmed the problem is with your home internet provider—meaning no other devices in your house are working—you’re not out of luck. You can still use a cellular connection, or bring that tablet to Starbucks to use their public Wi-Fi.

If you’ve confirmed the problem isn't your home internet, it’s time to figure out where the problem is coming from.

  1. Visit the Down Detector website to see reports of Amazon Prime not working. The page will show user reports of when the service hasn't been working, a 24-hour graph breaking down what types of problems people are experiencing, and a live map showing which areas users are reporting from.

    outage report graph
  2. Check Twitter. The Prime Video twitter account may mention information about a possible outage. It's also good to search for #amazonprimedown to see if anyone's having the same problems as you.

  3. Check for news. If Amazon Prime Video really is having issues, and quick Google search may reveal a few tech sites reporting on the outage.

Amazon Prime Video Error Messages

Maybe your home internet is working, but Amazon Prime is giving you an error message. If you see one of these error codes, there are a few things you can try to revolve the issue.

Error codes

1007, 1022, 7003, 7005, 7031, 7135, 7202, 7203, 7204, 7206, 7207, 7230, 7235, 7250, 7251, 7301, 7303, 7305, 7306, 8020, 9003, 9074

  • Restart the device you're trying to watch on.
  • Ensure the device or web browser you're using has the latest updates.
  • Pause internet activity from other devices in the house.
  • Disable any VPN or proxy servers which may be affecting a solid connection or providing Amazon faulty location data.

As long as your home internet is working correctly and the service isn't out for everyone, it shouldn't be too hard to isolate where the Prime Video problem is coming from and getting it working again.