How to Capture an iPad Screenshot

Save an image of what's happening on your iPad

Screenshots are handy for saving a cool drawing you made in a drawing app, showing your friends your high score in Candy Crush Saga, or creating a new meme. Screenshots are also useful for sharing information with tech support or a coworker in a different location. The iPad doesn't have a Print Screen button, but capturing a screenshot of the iPad display is easy.

These instructions apply to all currently supported iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad models running iOS 12, iOS 11, or iOS 10.

How To Take a Screenshot on an iPad

To take a picture of content that displays on the iPad screen:

  1. Display the content you want to capture. Open an app, game, file, browser, or any other content that you want to appear in a screenshot.

  2. Press and hold the iPad Home button, which is the round button below the screen. At the same time, press the Top button (or Side button, depending on orientation). When you hear the click of a camera shutter, release the buttons.

  3. On iPads that don't have a Home button, press the Power button and the volume up button simultaneously until you hear the camera shutter click.

A thumbnail image of the screen capture appears briefly at the bottom of the iPad screen.

Where Does the iPad Screenshot Go?

The image of the captured screen is sent to the Photos app. You can find it in several locations in the Photos app:

  • Tap Photos at the bottom of the Photos app screen. The screenshot appears as the most recent photo.
  • Tap Albums at the bottom of the screen and select the All Photos album.
  • Tap Albums at the bottom of the screen and scroll down to Screenshots in the Media Types section. The Screenshots album is created when you take your first screenshot, and all subsequent screenshots also appear here. Tap Screenshots to open the album.
A screenshot of the Photos app on iPad with the Screenshots folder highlighted

How to Share an iPad Screenshot

There are plenty of ways to share a screenshot after you capture it.

  1. Open the Photos app, locate the screenshot, and tap the thumbnail image

    The Screenshots album in the iPad Photos app
  2. Tap the Share icon, which is the square with an arrow, at the top of the screen.

    A screenshot of a screenshot on iPad with the Share button highlighted
  3. Choose how to share the screenshot. Send the screenshot as a text message, in an email message, to a shared album. You can also share the photo on Twitter, AirDrop it to a nearby device, or add it to a Note. For additional sharing options, tap More.

    To print, assign to a contact, or use as wallpaper, among other options, tap the desired action on the second row of icons.

    The Share screen on iPad

Good Uses for Screenshots

Here are a few good reasons to take a picture of your iPad screen:

  • Capture a photo from the web: Some photos can be downloaded from the web by tapping and holding a photo and then choosing a download option. If you can't download an image, take a screenshot of itl. Use the pinch-to-zoom gesture to zoom in on the image until it looks full screen before snapping the screenshot.
  • Capture a photo from an app: The screenshot function is a feature of the iPad, not a feature within an app, so it works on all apps. If you are on Instagram or Facebook or any other app, you can take a screenshot of what you see.
  • Save a Tweet or Facebook update: When you find a status update and are certain the author will delete it in the future, take a screenshot. The screenshot function is a great way to save a record of status updates from Twitter, InstagramTumblr, or other social media platforms.
  • Create a background image for the Lock Screen: Personalize your iPad lock screen by capturing a screenshot that is meaningful to you and assigning it as wallpaper.
  • Capture image for support help: When you have problems with your iPad, a screen capture may give the technical support tech the information needed to correct the problem.

When you capture a screenshot, you can enhance it with Instant Markup. Add drawings and text and make changes to the screenshot.

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