How to Take a Screenshot on iPad

Capture the screen of your iPad to turn it into a picture

iPad screenshot instructions

To screenshot iPad involves capturing everything you see on the screen. The iPad screen capture is created as a picture file and stored in the Photos app.

As involved as an iPad screenshot might sound, they're actually really easy to make, and you don't need a screenshot app or a special print screen button. All you need access to are two buttons on the edge of your iPad; when pressed together, they produce a screenshot.

If you can't use both hands to perform this task, or if your home button is broken, there's another way to do a screenshot on iPad that doesn't require physical buttons. This method, detailed below, works through AssistiveTouch.

Nearly every operating system supports screenshots. While the instructions below apply to iPad only, you can also take screenshots on Windows, Mac, and Android.

How to Make an iPad Screenshot

The traditional way to take a photo of your iPad screen requires two buttons. When pressed correctly, iOS will take a screenshot and store the photo on your iPad.

However, different iPad models require different instructions. These discrepancies are called out below.

Read all three steps before you do the screenshot so that you have an overall idea of how it works to make an iPad screen capture. If you wait on one step too long, it won't work as intended.

  1. Hold down the sleep/wake button.

  2. While still holding down the sleep/wake button, press the volume up button (iPad Pro only) or the iPad home button once.

  3. Let go of the sleep/wake button when you see the white flash; this indicates that you finished the iPad screenshot.

If you hold the sleep button too long, you'll see the slide to power off option for powering down your iPad. If you see that screen, try again, but this time move on to Step 2 more quickly.

If you can't use the buttons on your iPad to create a screen capture, enable AssistiveTouch to do it all with on-screen buttons. To turn this feature on, navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch, and then tap the button next to AssistiveTouch.

AssistiveTouch iPad settings

A grey box will show up along the edge of the screen to indicate that AssistiveTouch is turned on. To make a screenshot with this tool, tap the box and go to Device > More > Screenshot.

To make screenshotting the iPad even easier with AssistiveTouch, you can create a custom action so that when you single-tap, double-tap, or long-press on the grey box, you'll make a screenshot.

Where Do iPad Screenshots Go?

When you do a screenshot on iPad, the image is saved within the Photos app, the same place that stores pictures taken with the camera. 

Open Photos, tap Albums at the bottom, and then go to All Photos to find the iPad screen capture. You can also scroll down the albums page to find an area dedicated to screen captures, called Screenshots, to view every screenshot on iPad.

Albums screen in the iPad Photos app

If you're using iOS 12, iPad screenshots can be used and then discarded immediately without saving them to Photos. To do that, make the screenshot and then tap the floating image on the bottom of the screen. You can share the screenshot from there and/or draw on it, and then tap Done > Delete Screenshot to remove it.

How to Share an iPad Screenshot

You can share an iPad screenshot after you take it. Maybe you want to show someone a snippet from a web page, or your new high score in a game. Regardless of the reason, sharing a screen capture is easy.

There are several ways to share images on your iPad, and all of them apply to sharing screenshots, too, since a screen capture is really just another photo. This means you can send the iPad screenshot over Facebook, iCloud, AirDrop, email, text, or through any third-party app you might have installed.

  1. Choose the screenshot from the Photos app (as described above). To select more than one, choose Select and then tap each one.

  2. Select the share button at the top, next to the trash icon.

  3. Choose a share option.

    Sharing options in Photos for iPad
  4. Complete the screenshot sharing in the app you chose. For example, if you're sending the screenshot of iPad over the Gmail app, fill out the recipient's details.