How to Take a Screenshot on LG Smartphones

Capturing screenshots on your LG Android is easy

What to Know

  • Go to the screen you want to capture > press and hold Power and Volume-down at the same time.
  • Tap Share to share the screenshot via email, text, or social media. Tap Trash to delete screenshot.
  • Find your screenshots in LG's Gallery app or another app designated to manage photos.

This article explains how to take screenshots on LG Android smartphones. We'll also show you what you can do with the screenshot afterward.

How to Take a Screenshot on an LG Phone

Taking a screenshot is simple on any LG smartphone. Here are the steps:

  1. With the screen you want to capture displayed, hold down the Power and Volume-down buttons at the same time.

  2. The screen will flash after a moment, and you'll see an animation of the screen reducing with share and trash icons on the side.

    The screenshot menu on an LG Phone.
  3. Tap the Share icon to open a quick share menu with a grid of apps you can share to, including your most common texting contacts, your social media apps, and Google Drive. Tap the Trash icon to delete the screenshot from your phone.

    If you don't have social media apps, like Facebook, on your phone, you won't be able to upload the screenshot directly to the site. You'll need to open your web browser, navigate to the site, then upload the screenshot just as you would any other photograph.

Where Do I Find the Screenshots I've Taken?

The screenshot itself can be found in LG's gallery app or another app you've designated to manage your photos. Depending on the app settings, it may sort them into a “screenshots” folder, or just put them in your overall photo roll. Check your individual app for these settings.

If you have an automatic backup system in place, your screenshots will be saved there as well. If you don't need them anymore, be sure to regularly clean them out of your backup files.

How Do I Share My Screenshots?

Screenshots are generally treated like standard photos by apps, so you'll be able to share them just like you do your photos. They'll also be seen that way by post-processing apps as well, so if you want to throw a selfie filter on your screenshot, feel free. As for shots where you don't need, or want, the whole screen, use a photo editing app to crop out any unnecessary parts of the image.

Why Take Screenshots?

Screenshots can be useful for various reasons. They're often used to:

  • Document something on social media, text, or email to send to a friend without typing it out.
  • Back up some temporary information or data, like a coupon or a quick note.
  • Record an achievement in a game. 
  • Provide evidence of a glitch or error in an app.

It's a very common tool, and any time you want to text somebody your screen, it's one you should use.

That said, it's one you should use while respecting others' privacy. Especially with email and social media like Snapchat, you may unintentionally share content others would prefer not to be out there. Avoid documenting personal discussions or private material you suspect other people may not want to be shared. 

Some apps will not allow you take screenshots for privacy, security, or legal reasons. If an app won't take screenshots, check its user agreement for possible issues.

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