How to Sync Google Calendar With Thunderbird

If you rely on Google Calendar, access it easily in Thunderbird

What to Know

  • Go to the Provider for Google Calendar page. Choose Download now. Save to Downloads directory. In Thunderbird, select Menu.
  • Select Add-ons and Themes > Extensions > Settings > Install Add-on From File. Find the file and click Add.
  • In Thunderbird, go to Calendar > New Calendar > Google Calendar > Next, enter a Google account email, and follow the prompts.

This article explains how to sync Google Calendar with Thunderbird using the Provider for Google Calendar add-on. This process should work with any version of Thunderbird (newer than 52.0) running on any platform.

Install Provider for Google Calendar 

Do you depend on Google Calendar but don’t want to leave your Thunderbird email client to view it? You’re in luck because with Mozilla's Provider for Google Calendar add-on, Google Calendar can sync to the email client with both read and write access.

The first thing you have to do is download Provider for Google to allow bidirectional access to Google Calendar.

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to the Provider for Google Calendar web page.

  2. Click Download Now.

    Provider for Google Calendar web page with Download Now highlighted
  3. Save the file to your Downloads directory.

  4. Open Thunderbird and click Menu (three lines) Add-ons and Themes.

    Thunderbird menu with Add-ons and Themes highlighted

  5. Click Extensions.

    Thunderbird settings with Extensions highlighted
  6. Click the Settings (gear icon) drop-down, and then click Install Add-on From File.

    Thunderbird settings with Install Add-on From File highlighted
  7. Navigate to the Downloads directory and select the newly downloaded file.

  8. Select Add to confirm that you want to add Provider for Google Calendar.

    Thunderbird add-on manager with Add highlighted for Provider for Google Calendar
  9. The Provider for Google Calendar extension is now enabled.

    Thunderbird Extension Manager showing Provider for Google Calendar
  10. Select the extension to see its details or to set preferences and permissions.

    Thunderbird Provider for Google Calendar extension with Details, Preferences, and Permissions highlighted

How to View Your Google Calendar in Thunderbird

You're now ready to set up your Google Calendar to sync with Thunderbird.

  1. On your Thunderbird inbox page, select the Calendar icon.

    Calendar icon highlighted on Thunderbird inbox screen
  2. Select New Calendar (plus sign).

    Thunderbird calendar screen with plus sign highlighted
  3. Select Google Calendar, then click Next.

    Thunderbird calendar-adding page with Google Calendar and Next highlighted
  4. Enter your email address and select Find Calendars.

    Thunderbird calendar setup with Find Calendars highlighted
  5. Provider for Google will prompt you to give permission to access your Google account with the email you previously entered. Select Next to continue.

    Thunderbird calendar add-on with Google account login shown
  6. Enter your Google account password and click Sign In.

    Google account sign-in with password entry and Sign In highlighted
  7. Select Allow to give Provider for Google Calendar permission to access your Google account.

    Provider for Google Calendar account access request with Allow highlighted
  8. Select the calendar and task lists you'd like to subscribe to and click Subscribe.

    Provider for Google Calendar add-on with Subscribe highlighted
  9. Your Google Calendar or calendars are now available to view on your Thunderbird Calendar page. Select a calendar to view its contents.

    Thunderbird calendars page with available calendars highlighted
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