How to Switch to Gmail Dark Mode

See your email in a new light with this theme change

What to Know

  • On a web browser, go to Settings > Theme > View all, and select the Dark theme. Select Save.
  • In the Gmail app, go to Settings (or General Settings) > Theme, and select Dark.
  • On mobile devices, you'll need Android Q or iOS 13 or later to switch.

Gmail dark mode is a specific visual setting that darkens the Gmail interface entirely, so there's less contrast when working in a dark environment. Here's how to set it up on desktop, Android, and iOS.

How to Switch Gmail to Dark Mode on Your Web Browser

By default, Gmail favors a white/light background. It's often great to use in the middle of the day when brightness is exactly what you need. Still, sometimes it's useful to go dark. Switching to Gmail's dark theme only takes a few short steps.

  1. Open Gmail in a web browser.

  2. Select Settings in the upper-right corner of the screen.

    The Settings gear in Gmail
  3. Next to Theme, select View all.

    The "View all" command next to Themes
  4. Scroll down, and select the Dark theme.

    The dark theme is located next to the default theme.

    The Dark theme in Gmail
  5. Select Save.

    The Save button in Gmail's Themes window

    To change the theme back to the default, retrace your steps and select Default.

Dark Mode on Android and iOS

Recent versions of the Gmail app for both Android and iOS enabled the ability to change the theme to a dark one. The process on both is quick and nearly identical. This method only works on newer Android and iOS devices.

This method requires Android Q or later or iOS 13 or later.

  1. Open the Gmail app.

  2. Select the menu icon represented by three stacked lines in the upper-left corner of the screen.

  3. Select Settings. On Android, choose General Settings next.

  4. Select Theme.

    The More menu, Settings, and Theme in the Gmail app for iPhone
  5. Choose the Dark theme.

  6. Choose the back button to save your changes and see the new theme.

    The "Dark" theme option and back button in the Gmail app
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