How to Suggest a Feature or Improvement for Gmail

A simple feedback form helps you send both comments and screenshots

Gmail Logo at a Conference
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Google welcomes feature ideas or improvement suggestions for Gmail. Although the company cannot reply individually to each bit of feedback, the aggregate data shapes upcoming product roadmaps and feature revisions. The Gmail program offers a link specifically for these suggestions.

How to Suggest a Feature or Improvement for Gmail

Gmail Help Community

Use one of two ways to contact Google about Gmail:

  • Use the Gmail Help Forum: If you do not find a solution in Gmail's help sections, perform a search on the Gmail Help Forum. Didn't find an answer?¬†Write a post of your own. This practice is useful because it allows other users to weigh in on the proposal or problem and it is moderated by Google staff.
  • Use the Send Feedback feature: If you prefer to keep your comments private or need to share a screenshot of what you're seeing in your inbox, send feedback directly to Google from within Gmail. This option pops up at the bottom of the main help dialog box in internet browsers and is an option on the Gmail mobile apps.

How to Send Feedback from Within Gmail

To send feedback about Gmail while using it in your computer's internet browser, start with the Settings icon:

  1. Click Settings > Send Feedback.

    Gmail open to the Settings menu
  2. Click Send feedback to launch a pop-up window. Within the pop-up, type your comments in the upper half of the box. In the lower half, you'll see a screenshot of your active Gmail session. Select or de-select the Include screenshot option depending on your needs.

    Gmail open to the Send Feedback window
  3. Modify the screenshot as needed, if you include it. Click the Click to highlight or hide info overlay over the thumbnail of your screenshot. When you click that overlay, Gmail opens the screenshot full-screen in your browser menu and offers a pair of tools in a floating toolbar. The yellow tool draws a yellow, empty box; the black tool draws a black filled box. Material highlighted in yellow is intended for Google engineers whereas the blacked-out material represents personal information you don't want going to Google. Click Done after you've finished augmenting the screenshot.

    Gmail modify-screenshot window
  4. Click Send to transmit your screenshot (if you included one) and your comments to Google.

Gmail remains available on several mobile apps. If you install Google's official version, the Settings menu offers a one-click feedback option. However, if you use Gmail through a non-Google mail app, you cannot access this feature and must use the browser version to send your comments or problems.