How to Subscribe to a Magazine or Newspaper on the iPad

Magazine subscriptions on iPad

The iPad has been touted as a great eBook reader, but it may be even better at viewing magazines. After all, the spirit of a magazine is often the art of photography combined with the talent of writing, which makes them a perfect pairing with that gorgeous "Retina Display." Didn't know you could subscribe to magazines on the iPad? You aren't alone. It's not exactly a hidden feature, but it can be an easy one to miss.

These instructions apply to iPads running iOS 11 or later.

How to Subscribe to Magazines and Newspapers in the App Store

Magazines and newspapers are available in the App Store and function like any other app you'd download to your iPad. This includes the ability to use in-app purchases to subscribe to a magazine or newspaper.

Once you download a magazine from the App Store, you can subscribe to it within the magazine's app. Most magazines and newspapers also offer a free issue, so you can check out what you are getting before you make your purchase.

  1. App Store on iPad
  2. Tap Apps at the bottom of the screen.

    Subscribe to magazines on iPad
  3. Scroll down to Top Categories, and then tap See All.

    Subscribe to magazines on iPad
  4. Tap Magazines and Newspapers.

    Magazines & Newspapers on iPad
  5. Browse and download magazines just like they are apps. Tapping a magazine will give you more details, including user reviews. Tap the Get button to download the magazine or newspaper.

    Magazines on iPad
  6. Follow the instructions in the app to buy a recurring subscription and receive new issues as they come out.

Where Do the Magazines and Newspapers Go?

Newspapers and magazines you download and subscribe to will appear on your iPad's home screen, where you can manage them like any other app. You can organize them into folders, place them in your dock, or delete them without doing anything differently. You can also use Spotlight Search to find your magazine or newspaper.

As an alternative to subscribing to newspapers through the App Store, you can also use the Apple News app or its premium Apple News Plus service.

How to Use Apple News

Apple introduced the Apple News app as a centralized way to read the news. It aggregates articles from various newspapers and magazines and presents them based on your interest.

Apple News includes newspapers, but News Plus also provides access to magazines for a single, monthly fee. It works similarly to an Apple Music subscription: As long as your subscription is current, you can read as much as you want.

Here's how to get started with Apple News:

Apple News is available in iOS 12.2 and later.

  1. Open Apple News. It was part of the iOS 12.2 update, but if it isn't on your iPad, you can download it from the App Store.

    Apple News on iPad
  2. Use the menu on the left to browse news topics, channels (specific publications), and stories. Customize this list with the Edit button.

    Apple News
  3. Apple News includes free-to-read content from around the web organized into interests. To browse the premium magazines and periodicals available, tap News+.

    News+ on iPad
  4. Browse the available magazines alphabetically by name or by subject matter using the buttons at the top of the screen.

  5. News+ offers a free trial before the monthly charge starts. Tap Try It Free to get started.

    News+ on iPad
  6. With an active News+ subscription, you have full access to everything available on the service.

How to Cancel a Subscription

Whether you have a single magazine subscription or pay monthly for News+, you unsubscribe in the same place on your iPad. You can manage subscriptions on your Apple ID account by going to Settings > iTunes & App Store and tapping your Apple ID. Tap View Apple ID > Subscriptions and select the service you want to unsubscribe from.

Most magazines and newspapers will allow you to buy a single issue without a subscription.

How to Read Newspapers and Magazines on Your iPhone

If your iPhone and iPad are connected to the same account, you can purchase a magazine or Apple News+ subscription on your iPad and read the content you download on your iPhone. You can also turn on auto-downloads, and the magazine will be there waiting for you.