How to Stream TNT Online

There are several options for TNT streaming

There are actually a couple of different ways to stream TNT, with or without a cable television subscription, and you can even watch on your computer, phone, gaming system, or a streaming device like a Roku.

How to Access the TNT Live Stream

There are two main ways to stream TNT. One is through the TNT website with a qualifying cable or satellite subscription, and the other is through a television streaming service like YouTube TV or Hulu With Live TV. Both options allow you to stream to a variety of devices, including your computer or to your phone via an app, so the choice really depends on whether or not you're a cord cutter.

If you have a cable or satellite subscription, or someone is willing to share their login details with you, then you can watch a TNT live stream whenever you want, for no extra charge, via the TNT website or app. If you're a cord cutter, and you neither have nor want a cable subscription, then you'll need to subscribe to a television streaming service.

How to Stream TNT With a Cable Subscription

With a qualifying cable or satellite subscription, you can stream TNT any time you like via the TNT website or the TNT app. All you have to do is enter your cable subscription login details, and the live stream is free. In some cases, if you get your cable and internet from the same company, this process is even automated.

Here's how to stream TNT from the TNT website with a cable subscription:

  1. Navigate to and select the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the page.

    A screenshot of the TNT Drama website.
  2. Select Live TV.

    A screenshot of the TNT website menu.
  3. Select the east or west coast feed of TNT.

    A screenshot of the east and west coast feeds of TNT.

    A screenshot of a TNT preview.
  5. Select your provider, then enter your login credentials if prompted.

    A screenshot of the provider selection menu on
  6. If you aren't automatically returned to the live feed, return to the live feed using the same method you used in step one.

How to Stream TNT Using the TNT App

Like the TNT website, the TNT app is also available for free if you have access to the login credentials for a cable or satellite television subscription. The app itself is also free and available for most platforms, including iOS, Android, Fire TV, Roku, and more.

For a full list of compatible devices, and links to download the app, check out

Once you have the app installed, follow these steps to stream TNT on your mobile device, game console, or streaming device:

  1. Open the TNT app on your device.

  2. Tap ACCEPT.

  3. Tap the LIVE icon at the bottom of the screen.

    The location of the LIVE option on the TNT streaming app.
  4. Tap Sign In For Full Access.

    You can tap TNT EAST or TNT WEST to specify whether you want the east coast or west coast feed.

  5. Tap your provider, then enter your login credentials if requested.

    Live feed selections on the TNT app.
  6. If the app doesn't automatically return you to the live feed, launch the TNT app and access the live feed the same way you did in step three.

How to Stream TNT Without a Cable Subscription

If you don't have access to the login credentials for a cable subscription, then the only way to stream TNT is through a television streaming service. These services are a lot like cable, in that they provide live access to a variety of television channels, but you stream the content over a high speed internet connection to your computer, phone, tablet, or any other compatible device.

Each service provides access to a slightly different set of television networks, including both local channels and basic cable channels like TNT.

Here are the best options for streaming TNT without a cable subscription:

Sling TV

Sling TV is the most affordable way to watch TNT without a cable subscription. They offer three plans, and TNT is included with all three. They're missing a lot of local channels, but they're the best option if you're primarily interested in TNT. They also have a free trial, so there's no reason not to try it out.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is Google's live television streaming service that also includes original content. It only has one plan, but that plan includes TNT in addition to a lineup of 70+ other channels. This is also the least expensive option outside of Sling TV, and it includes local channels in most markets. They offer a free trial as well.

Hulu+ Live TV

Hulu + Live TV essentially adds live television to the well-known Hulu on demand streaming service. There's only one plan, and it includes TNT. They also offer a 30-day free trial.

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream was previously known as AT&T TV Now, and it has all of the same channels that DirecTV Now offered. TNT is included with every package, and they have a wide variety of packages if you're looking for other channels in addition to TNT. This is the most expensive option, but it also offers more choices than the others.

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