How to Stream Amazon Video on Apple TV Using Your iPad

How to Stream Amazon Video on Apple TV Using Your iPad. Daniel Nations

How to Stream Amazon Video on Apple TV

Apple TV may not be the "future of television" Apple was shooting for with the product, but it is easily the best streaming device on the market.  It has enough power under the hood to rival an iPad Air and an emerging app store that is quickly surpassing rivals like Roku and Chromecast.   However, it does have one glaring hole:  Amazon has declined to build an Amazon Instant Video app for Apple's device.

  But if you have an iPad, this isn't much of a problem.  You can easily use your iPad to stream Amazon Prime and other Amazon videos on your Apple TV.

Amazon Prime supports AirPlay, which allows you to send sound and video from your iPad to your television via Apple TV.  And AirPlay supports 1080p video, so you aren't getting degraded video or sound quality.  Here's how to connect Amazon Instant Video to Apple TV:

  • First, make sure your Apple TV is turned on and ready to accept the video feed.  
  • Open Amazon Instant Video on your iPad.  (Find out how to open apps quickly without hunting for them.)
  • Navigate to the movie or television show you want to watch and tap the play button.
  • When the video starts, bring up the iPad's control panel.  You can do this by sliding your finger from the very bottom edge of the display where the screen meets the bevel up towards the top of the display.  As you slide your finger, you will uncover the hidden control panel.
  • This control panel has a dedicated button for AirPlay.   Tap the button to reveal a menu that will let you switch the video and audio from the iPad to your Apple TV.  (Note: If you don't see the AirPlay button, the iPad isn't recognizing the Apple TV.  Make sure the iPad and Apple TV are both connected to the same network.) 
  • You do not need to switch Display Mirroring on.  The Display Mirroring option will mirror the iPad's display on your television, which allows you to use this feature with apps that don't support AirPlay.  Amazon Instant Video supports AirPlay, so you don't need Display Mirroring.
  • Are you only getting sound through your television?  Don't worry. Some of the commercials Amazon runs before the video starts may only send sound to the television, but once the actual movie or TV show starts, the video should display on your television.  

This feature works with both Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video, so you can also stream movies and television shows that you have bought through Amazon.  You can also use AirPlay with other apps that aren't yet on Apple TV so long as the app supports AirPlay.  For example, you can use the TiVo app to stream television if you have a TiVo console that supports Internet streaming such as the TiVo Stream.

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