How to Stitch on TikTok

Use the Share menu to link your video with someone else's

What to Know

  • On the video you wish to stitch, tap Share > Stitch.
  • You can only stitch up to five seconds of the original video.
  • Some users may have Stitch disabled on certain videos.

This article teaches you how to stitch a video on TikTok as well as looks at any limitations or issues surrounding stitching.

How to Stitch a TikTok Video

Stitching TikTok videos together means you can add a comment, response, or context to someone else's video. It often helps make a video go viral. Here's how to stitch TikTok videos together.

Stitch creates a response to an original video. If you want a split-screen style reaction, you need to choose Duet.

  1. On the video you wish to stitch with, tap Share.

  2. Tap Stitch.

  3. Drag the red box around the video to highlight the part of the video you wish to stitch.

    It can be anywhere from 1-5 seconds in length.

  4. Tap Next.

    Steps required to stitch a video on TikTok.
  5. Record your part of the video by tapping the record button.

  6. Tap the record button to stop recording.

  7. Tap the tick to agree to the stitch.

  8. Tap Next.

  9. Enter a title for the video and add hashtags and anything else you may want to include.

  10. Tap Post to post the video to your TikTok feed.

    Steps required to post a stitched video on TikTok.

Why Can’t I Stitch on TikTok?

If you're having trouble stitching videos together, the cause could be a number of reasons. Here's a look at them.

  • Stitch isn't enabled. Not all TikTok videos have Stitch enabled which means there's no way of adding anything to the existing video. Sitch is only enabled if the creator chooses to do so.
  • Your response is too short. Your addition/response needs to be at least one second long to be stitched onto the original video. 
  • The clip you need is too long. It's only possible to post a maximum of five seconds from another video. If the context requires it to be longer, you can't extend it.

How to Disable Stitch

If you don't want to allow Stitch on your videos, you can disable it.

Stitch is disabled by default until you choose to change the privacy options.

  1. Tap Profile.

  2. Tap the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines).

  3. Tap Settings and Privacy.

    Steps required in TikTok to find Settings and Privacy options.
  4. Tap Privacy.

  5. Tap Stitch.

  6. Choose to allow with Followers, Followers that you follow back, Only me.

    Steps required in TikTok to enable Stitching of videos.

Why Make a TikTok Stitch?

TikTok thrives on sharing and a community element. By stitching together responses to existing videos, you're helping more people see the original video as well as experience what you think of it. 

Many TikTok trends have thrived on users adding stitches to certain types of video, such as the RentFree hashtag.

  • How do I make a Stitch on TikTok with a saved video?

    It's not possible to use a video from your camera roll in a Stitch. The response needs to be original content you've shot with the TikTok camera.

  • How do I search for a Stitch on TikTok?

    To generally find Stitches on TikTok, search for the "#stitch" hashtag. You can also find both Stitches and Duets for a specific video by navigating to it and tapping the Duet icon above the creator's username.

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