How to Skype With Alexa

Activate calls hands-free with Skype on your Echo devices

What to Know

  • Open Alexa app > select Menu > Settings > Preferences > Communication > Accounts > Skype > sign in.
  • Make/receive calls: Once synced, say "Alexa, call [contact/number] on Skype" or "Alexa, answer."

This article explains how to use Skype with Alexa on an Amazon Echo (1st/2nd generation), Echo Plus (1st/2nd gen.), Dot (2nd/3rd gen.), Show (1st/2nd gen.), and Echo Spot.

The person you’re calling through Skype doesn’t have to have an Alexa-enabled device.

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How to Pair Alexa and Skype

There are three requirements to make this process work. First, make sure you have a Skype account and you know your login credentials. Next, grant Alexa access to your Skype account. Finally, tell Alexa to make calls using Skype.

To use Skype with Alexa, you first need to allow Alexa to access your Skype account. You must do this through the Alexa app. Here are the steps:

When you associate your Skype account with Alexa, you get 100 free minutes of Skype calls per month for two months. 

  1. Have your Skype credentials ready.

    Skype is owned by Microsoft, so your credentials may be associated with a Microsoft account. 

  2. Open the Alexa app.

    Make sure you’re using the latest version. 

  3. In the lower-right corner tap the hamburger (menu) icon.

  4. From the menu, select Settings.

    The Settings option in Amazon Alexa
  5. Scroll down and, under Alexa Preferences, select Communication

  6. Under Accounts, select Skype.

  7. On the next screen, tap Sign In.

    Communication, Skype, Sign In
  8. Follow the sign-in process, including granting permissions.

    You can use the same menu path later to unlink Alexa from Skype if you want. 

  9. The next screen will show you commands you can use with Alexa.

    Sign In, Yes, Commands

How to Make or Receive a Skype Call Using Alexa

With Alexa synced to Skype, making Skype-to-Skype or Skype-to-phone calls is easy. Just use the appropriate command:

  • Alexa, call Mom on Skype
  • Alexa, call Mom’s mobile on Skype
  • Alexa, call 555-123-4567 on Skype

You can also receive calls via Skype. When you do, you’ll hear the familiar Skype ringtone and notification of who is calling. With Alexa-enabled devices that have screens (such as Echo Show) you’ll also see the person calling on the screen if they have video enabled. Say “Alexa, answer” to answer the call; then you’ll be talking on Skype as you normally would. 

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