How to Sign In to Yahoo Messenger on a Mobile Device

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Sign In to Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger can be accessed from not only a computer but also through the mobile app. 

How to Sign In to Yahoo Messenger on a Mobile Device

If you don't already have the app, the iOS version can be had through iTunes. If you need help downloading Yahoo Messenger on an iPhone or other iOS device, see How to Download the Yahoo Messenger App on an iPhone

Download the Android version of Yahoo Messenger in Google Play.



Here's how to login to the Yahoo Messenger app on both an iPhone and an Android device:

  • Tap on the purple "Get Started" button
  • Enter your Yahoo! email address (or a phone number if you've previously registered)
  • The next screen should display your Yahoo! email address followed by a field to enter your password. Enter it, and tap the blue "Sign In" button
  • Tap "Next"
  • You're logged in! You can now start hating with your contacts and inviting friends.


How to Log Out of Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger saves your login for future sessions, you don't have to sign out in order to exit the app. If you would like to sign out, however, follow these steps:

  • Tap on your profile icon at the top right of the screen
  • Scroll to "Manage Accounts"
  • Tap on "Sign Out"
  • You'll receive a pop-up message confirming that you'd like to sign out. Tap the blue "Continue" button

Logging in After Logging Out

If you do sign out, you may experience a different login procedure the next time you login, depending on how your account was set up.

  • If you signed up for Yahoo! Messenger using an existing Yahoo! username and password combination, you'll be prompted to enter that information when you want to use the application after logging out
  • If you signed up for a new Yahoo! account by following the prompts on Yahoo! Messenger, you likely only provided a mobile phone number and were never prompted for a password. That's because Yahoo! Messenger has a cool new feature in which they send an "on-demand" password to you via text message each time you login to the application. This is a great feature that helps to protect your account and keep it secure.




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No Yahoo! ID? No Problem!

You'll need to have a Yahoo! account before you can log in to Yahoo! Messenger. But fear not, Yahoo! makes it easy to set up a new account right from the home screen of Messenger.

How to Set Up A New Yahoo! Account from Yahoo! Messenger

  • Open Yahoo! Messenger (or if you don't have the application, download it from the Apple Store or Google Play Store)
  • Tap the blue "Get started" button
  • Locate the text at the bottom of the screen that says "New to Yahoo? Sign up for a new account" and tap on the blue, highlighted text
  • Enter your mobile phone number into the fields provided and tap the button to continue. Yahoo! will send a verification code to that number. 
  • Enter the verification code sent by Yahoo! into the fields provided, and tap the button to continue
  • Enter your first and last name in the field provided and tap the "Get Started" button to continue. Alternately, you may choose to skip this step. Note that by tapping the "Get Started" button that you are agreeing to Yahoo!'s terms and conditions. 
  • Confirm your name and upload a profile, if you desire, by tapping on the "set photos" icon on the top of the screen. Tap the blue "Confirm" button to continue. 

That's it! Your login information will be saved for future sessions.