How to Sign a PDF on iPhone and iPad

Learn to edit PDFs and sign them on iOS devices

What to Know

  • Using Markup: Locate signature field > select Markup icon > choose tool > sign with finger or Apple Pencil > Done.
  • Save in Apple Books: Locate and select PDF > select Share icon > Copy to Books.
  • Using Apple Books: Open PDF > Locate signature field > touch screen > select Markup pen tool > write signature.

This article explains how to add a signature to a PDF on an iPhone and iPad running iOS 13 or later.

How to Sign a PDF on iPhone & iPad Using Markup

Markup is Apple's image annotation tool, built right into iOS. Now, with iOS 13, Markup is even simpler to use with a wide range of features, including the ability to sign PDF forms quickly.

Markup works seamlessly inside apps such as Mail, Messages, and Photos. Once you save the PDF to your device, the rest of the steps are simple and the same for both iPhone and iPad.

  1. Locate the PDF you wish to sign. In this how-to, we pulled a PDF from the iOS Files app.

    You can also use Markup within your email inbox. Simply open the document, tap the Send icon at the bottom of the screen, then choose Markup. Once you sign the PDF, your device will ask you where you wish to save your file.

  2. Locate the signature field within your document and tap the Markup icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

  3. Choose a tool from the toolbar and sign the PDF using your finger or Apple Pencil.

    You can also use the other tools to annotate the document. For example, circle parts of the PDF in color, add shapes, add text, etc. All of these tools are inside your Markup toolbar.

  4. Once finished, tap Done at the top of your screen. The file will save and you'll be ready to share your PDF via email, Messages, etc.

    How to sign a PDF on an iPhone or iPad.

How to Edit & Sign a PDF on iPhone & iPad Using Apple Books

You can use the Apple Books app to keep track of your PDF documents while also editing and signing as you please.

How to Save a PDF to Apple Books

First things first, you must save the PDF to Apple Books. To do so, select the PDF in your email or website to open it, select the Share icon, then select Copy to Books. The PDF will be added to your Books library seamlessly.

If you're importing a PDF from another app, these steps will vary. Look for the Share icon and then select Copy to Books. Or, look for Open in then choose Copy to Books.

How to Edit & Sign PDFs Inside Apple Books

Now that your PDF file is saved inside the Books app, it's time to go in to edit and sign it.

  1. Locate the PDF you wish to edit in your Books library, then tap the file to select it.

  2. Once you locate the place you wish to edit or sign, tap the screen, then tap the Markup pen icon at the top of the screen.

    Sign a PDF document in Apple Books.
  3. Make your edits and add your signature using the tools in the toolbar. Once you're finished, you can simply tap the back icon and your changes will be saved.

    To share the PDF from your Books app, simply locate the PDF and tap the share icon. Here, you'll find options such as Messages, Mail, and more.

How to Sign a PDF Using Third-Party Apps

There are many easy-to-use third party apps outside of Apple's built-in tools that allow you to fill and sign PDFs. Some favorites from the App Store include:

  • Adobe Fill & Sign
  • SignEasy
  • DocuSign
  • SignNow

For this how-to, let's use Adobe Fill & Sign to sign a PDF.

Although each third-party app will have different instructions, they're all pretty straightforward to use. You can also find support on each app's website, should you run into any issues.

  1. Once inside Adobe Fill & Sign, tap the Add Form icon to start.

    Adding a PDF to Adobe Fill & Sign
  2. Choose from the available options depending on where your PDF is located. Locate and tap your PDF to open it in the app.

    Finding a PDF inside Adobe Fill & Sign
  3. Locate the place you need to add a signature and tap the Signature icon at the bottom of your screen.

  4. If this is your first time, tap Create Initials. If not, choose the signature you wish to use from the menu.

    Selecting a signature inside Adobe Fill & Sign
  5. Drag and drop the signature in place. Once you're finished, tap Done at the top of your screen. Your form will be saved inside the app for sharing.

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