Use Hotspotio to Share Your Android Wi-Fi

Share your Wi-Fi for a favor in return

Two smart phones communicating
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Hotspotio is no longer available for download from Google Play, and the official website is not accessible. You can try installing Hotspotio through its APK file on a third-party site like APKPure but it's always safer to get the app from the original source.

Androids already have a built-in mechanism for turning the phone into a wireless hotspot so that nearby devices can connect to the internet through the phone. However, the free Hotspotio app takes this a step further by integrating some fun features into the whole sharing idea.

Simply put, Hotspotio is designed to share your Android device's Wi-Fi connection with others and possibly get a favor in return for your hospitality, such as a drink or a new Twitter follower.

On the flip side, if you need Wi-Fi, you can use the app to find people who can get you online. Instead of needing the Wi-Fi password for your friends' networks, you can easily connect with them over social media to quickly enable access.

How to Use Hotspotio

  1. You can download Hotspotio through Google Play for free.

  2. Once the app is opened, tap Create and share portable WIFI hotspot to get started.

  3. Enter the name of your hotspot and choose a strong password.

  4. Tap Share portable WIFI to make the hotspot.

  5. Use the menu to find available networks created by your friends, nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and all the hotspots you're sharing. Choose to share the Wi-Fi with nearby Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook friends; friends of friends; or everyone close by.