How to Share a Calendar in Google Calendar

Give others access to your Calendar events

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What to Know

  • Locate calendar to share under My calendars > select three dots next to calendar > Settings and sharing.
  • Next: Go to Access Permissions section > select Make available to Public to share with everyone.
  • Or: Under "Share with specific people" select ADD PEOPLE > enter email addresses to share with.

This article explains how to share a calendar and its associated events with one or more people in Google Calendar.

There are two primary ways to share a Google Calendar calendar. One is to share the whole calendar with the public so that anyone with the link can view it, and the other way is to share the calendar with specific people only so that they can see events and/or make changes to events.

How to Share a Google Calendar

  1. Open Google Calendar.

  2. Locate the My calendars area to the left of Google Calendar. If you don't see any calendars there, click or tap the arrow to expand the menu.

  3. Hover your mouse over the calendar you want to share, and select the menu off to the right of that calendar. The menu is represented by three stacked dots.

  4. Choose Settings and sharing to open all the settings for that specific calendar.

  5. On the right side of the page are your sharing options:

    Make available to public is one setting, under the "Access Permissions" section, that you can enable in Google Calendar so that you can share your calendar with literally anyone who has the URL. If you select this option, you can choose See only free/busy (hide details) or See all event details to decide how much detail the public can see in your calendar. Once you enable this option, select the GET SHAREABLE LINK option to find the URL you need to share the calendar.

    "Share with specific people" is the other option you have when sharing Google Calendar events. To do this, click or tap ADD PEOPLE in that area of the page, and then enter the email address of the person you want to share the calendar with. Also, define their permissions: See only free/busy (hide details)See all event detailsMake changes to events, or Make changes and manage sharing.

  6. Once you've selected the sharing options you're comfortable with, you can return to your calendar or exit the page. Changes are saved automatically.

Why Share a Google Calendar?

You can share an entire Google Calendar if you want someone else, or more than one person, to have access to all your calendar events. In fact, you can even give them permission to make changes to the calendar so that they can add new events, too.

Sharing Google Calendar calendars is really handy in work and family situations. For example, you could make a family calendar with all of your doctor's appointments, school schedule, work hours, dinner plans, etc., and share it with your family so that everyone can stay updated with new events, changed events, and more.

In some sharing situations, you can even let other people add new events to the calendar. That way, anyone involved with the calendar can add new events, change event times if something comes up, delete events that are no longer valid, etc.

A Word on Sharing Safely

Another way to let other people share in your Google Calendar calendar is to share just a specific event with them. When you do this, they don't get to see the whole calendar but you can give them modify rights if you want them to be able to do more than just see that event. This can be done by editing the event and adding a new guest.

Remember that if you share your Google Calendar calendar with the public, anyone with the link will be given any permissions you describe. Most users are better off sharing their calendar with specific people because they can choose who, specifically, is able to access the calendar as well as give people the ability to make new calendar events in the shared calendar.

During Step 5, if you scroll down the calendar sharing page a little more, you can see another area called "Integrate calendar." This lets you embed Google Calendar events on your website using the special embed code found on that page. There's also a secret calendar link you can copy if you want to give people the ability to add your calendar into their iCal calendar program.

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