How to Share a Calendar in Google Calendar

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Google Calendar makes it easy to share just the right amount of information to balance convenience and privacy.

Your Busy Time Is Their No-Go Zone

Every time you come across something to do or someone to meet, you add them to or schedule it in Google Calendar. Every time you want to know what to do or whether you have free time, you consult your Google Calendar's itinerary.

Every time somebody wonders whether or when you have time, they can look it up—in their Google Calendar's itinerary.

They can do so easily and with confidence, because you have shared the right calendar and information with them.

Let us find out how to accomplish this.

Share a Calendar in Google Calendar

To share a calendar with specific people (for viewing, editing or full administration) in Google Calendar:

  1. Make sure the list of calendars is expanded.
    • ​​Click My calendars if you do not see your calendars listed beneath it.
  2. ​Position the mouse cursor over the calendar you want to share.
  3. Click the down arrow next to the calendar under My calendars in Google Calendar.
  4. Select Share this Calendar from the menu that comes up.
  5. Enter the email address of the person with whom you want to share the calendar under Person.
  6. Pick the permissions you want to grant under Permission Settings.
    • To allow the person to only consult your calendar, select:
      • See all event details—see all the information from the calendar as you see it—or
      • See only free/busy (hide details)—show only whether you are free or busy with events from this calendar.
    • ​To allow the person to make changes to your calendar, select:
      • Make changes to events—the person can see calendar entries and edit them—or
      • Make changes AND manage sharing—the person can share the calendar with others in addition to seeing and editing its events.
    • You can hide individual events by making them private, but people with at least Make changes to events rights can still access them.
  1. Click Add Person.
  2. Now click Save.

Share Not with People, Share with Peoples

You've collected all your team's games this season on a special calendar. Only because you boasted to your friends about it, of course. Now, how can you share the data with them and the world?

You're keeping track of all your meetings, appointments, classes and trips in Google Calendar.

Now, how can you let others know conveniently when you're free without sharing all the details?

Fortunately, it's easy to publish all a calendar's details — or just free/busy information — with the world in Google Calendar.

Make a Calendar or Free/Busy Information Public in Google Calendar

To publish a calendar or make its free/busy information available to all:

  1. Select Share this Calendar from the calendar's drop-down menu under My calendars.
  2. Make sure Make this calendar public is checked.
    • ​To​ make visible on the web only information about availability, make sure Share only my free/busy information (Hide details) is also checked.
  3. ​Click Save.

(Updated October 2016, tested with Google Calendar in a desktop browser)