How to Set Up and Use TeamSpeak

Getting Started With a Group Communication On TeamSpeak

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You want to start a group with your friends for online gaming, or you are a business professional and you want to set up a group for internal communication. TeamSpeak is one of the leading platforms offering that kind of service and functionality. It is a service that gives apps for computers and mobile devices to allow users to communicate among them using cutting-edge VoIP technology for high-quality voice calls.

Here is how you set up and use it.

What You Need

The following are things you need for good voice communication using TeamSpeak.

  • The system requirements for both server and client for TeamSpeak 3 are quite light. You can get things to work even with a Pentium 4 with a clockspeed of at least 800 MHz (no wonder how it works so well on Android phones and the iPhone), 128 MB of memory (512 recommended) and 5 MB of hard disk space. It’s the same for all platforms.
  • A good Internet connection with sufficient bandwidth for VoIP. If you are gaming online, the bandwidth required for TeamSpeak compared to that you are already using is negligible. So bandwidth should not be a problem for online gamers.
  • The TeamSpeak software (client), which is available for download free.
  • A TeamSpeak server, which is a central element for voice communication to take place. Read below for more.
  • A team, a goup of people who are willing to communicate and to install the client.

    Getting a TeamSpeak Server

    This is the most intriguing part of the job. There are different scenarios here, depending on how you will use the service and in what context.

    The apps are available freely, only the service is paid. Now if you can host a server yourself, you get the server software free. You just need to pay for the service monthly, in case you are a professional wanting to run the thing within your business.

    Have a look there for the pricing. Note that in this case you will need to leave your server computer on and connected 24/7. Also note that if you are a non-profit organization or group, you have free licenses.

    Now if you don’t want to get bothered running your own server, you can rent one. There are plenty of TeamSpeak servers around offering service for a number of clients. You pay for the service monthly. Typical values would be around $10 for 50 users for a month. Make a search for TeamSpeak servers to find them.

    The Quick Start Free Trial

    To test the app on your computer right now, you can download and install the client app on your machine or mobile device and connect to the public test servers TeamSpeak offers. Here is the link for the free test server: ts3server://

    Downloading and Installing the Client

    It is very simple to download and install the TeamSpeak client app. Go to the main page and click on the ‘Free Download’ button on the right. Your platform (whether Windows, Mac or Linux) is automatically detected and the appropriate version is proposed. However, you have only the 32-bit client of the latest version. If you want any other flavor or version, click on More Downloads, which will lead you to a page where you can specify exactly which version you want.

    The TeamSpeak client app for Android devices can be obtained from Google Play and that for the iPhone on the Apple App Store.

    Setting Up the TeamSpeak App

    One you launch the downloaded installation file, you are requested as usual to read the disclaimer and legalese and to approve. The installation sequence is quite common and easy, but there are certain parameters you need to enter correctly.

    The setup wizard asks you to

    • choose a nickname;
    • specify microphone setting;
    • test your microphone;
    • specify keyboard hot keys, if any;
    • select a sound pack for notifications;
    • select plug-ins if any.

    Using the TeamSpeak App

    The first thing you need to do when using TeamSpeak is connect to a server.

    Enter the server address (e.g. ts3server:// for the free trial server), your nickname and password. Then you are connected to that group and can start communicating. The rest can be done easily with this easy and user-friendly interface. Share the server address with the friends you want to communicate with.

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