How to Set Up Xbox Game Streaming for Your Phone

You can play real Xbox One games on your phone

Xbox game streaming is a little bit complicated, as there are actually two different ways to stream Xbox One games to your phone. One method uses your own Xbox One to stream your games to your phone, while the other streams games directly from the cloud without the need for an Xbox One. Both of these methods allow you to play a variety of Xbox One games on your phone with the use of any compatible Bluetooth controller.

Two Ways to Stream Xbox One Games

There are two different ways to stream Xbox One games to your phone. The first is to stream Xbox One games that you own from your Xbox One console to your phone, and the other is to stream games directly from the cloud as part of the Xbox Game Pass program.

The first method is also called remote play, and it's free for anyone who owns an Xbox One and an Android phone.

The second method was initially referred to as Project xCloud before it became part of Game Pass, and it requires an active Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Here's what you need if you want to stream from your Xbox One to your phone:

  • Xbox One console: It doesn't matter which version. Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X all work.
  • Xbox Insider membership: Join the Xbox Insider program. This is a good program to join because it gives you early access to new features.
  • A compatible phone: Xbox One console streaming requires Android version 6.0 or newer and Bluetooth version 4.0+.
  • Xbox Game Streaming app: You need to install the Xbox Game Streaming app on your phone.
  • Compatible controller: An Xbox controller with Bluetooth connectivity, or another compatible Bluetooth controller.
  • Fast internet: Microsoft recommends 5 GHz Wi-Fi with at least 10Mbps down and 4.75 Mbps up.

Streaming from the cloud with Game Pass has similar requirements, but you don't need an Xbox One. Here's what you do need:

  • A compatible phone: Game Pass streaming requires a phone running Android 6.0 or newer with Bluetooth 4.0+.
  • Xbox Game Pass app: The Game Pass app is available for free from the Google Play store and the Samsung Galaxy store.
  • Game Pass Ultimate subscription: Your Game Pass Ultimate subscription allows you to download free games on your Xbox One or Windows 10 PC, and stream to your Android phone or tablet.
  • Compatible controller: You need an Xbox controller that supports Bluetooth or another compatible Bluetooth controller.
  • Fast internet: Microsoft recommends an internet connection that provides at least 10Mbps down.

Before you use either of these methods, you may need to download the Xbox Insider Hub app and sign up for the Xbox Insider program. If you aren't able to stream, try downloading the Insider app and joining the program. It provides beta and early access to programs like streaming.

How to Stream From Your Xbox One to Your Phone

Streaming from your Xbox One console to your phone is also referred to as remote play and console streaming. This process involves loading and running a game on your Xbox console, and then streaming the video output to your phone. Inputs from your controller are then passed wirelessly from your phone to the Xbox One, allowing you to play the game on your phone even if you aren't in close proximity to your console.

Here's how to stream from your console to your phone:

  1. Download the Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) app from Google Play, and open the app.

  2. Tap Next three times.

    Informational screens on the XBox One app.
  3. Tap Sign In.

  4. Enter the email you used when setting up your Xbox One and tap Next.

  5. Enter your password, and tap Sign in.

    Signing into a Microsoft account on the Xbox app.
  6. Tap Let's play!

  7. If you don't see the game streaming interface, tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner.

  8. Tap Console streaming.

    Screenshots showing how to get to the Console Streaming option on the Xbox app.

  10. Make sure your Xbox One is on, and check the TV for further instructions when you see this screen.

    The Setup New Xbox option on the Xbox App.
  11. Select Enable.

    A screenshot of an Xbox One getting ready to stream games to a phone.

    If you don't see this on your TV, make sure your Xbox One and the phone app are signed into the same account.

  12. Select Next.

    A screenshot of an Xbox One showing that it is ready for remote play.

    If your Xbox One says that remote play won't work, select Help with this to fix your problems.

  13. Select Close, then return to where you left off on your phone.

    A screenshot showing an Xbox One that is ready for remote play.
  14. Tap NEXT.

  15. Tap XBOX CONTROLLER if you have an Xbox One controller, or DIFFERENT CONTROLLER if you're attempting to use a different Bluetooth-enabled controller.

  16. Turn on your Xbox One controller, and tap NEXT.

    Screenshots showing how to pair an Xbox controller with the Xbox phone app.
  17. If your controller isn't already paired, tap GO TO DEVICE SETTINGS to pair it.

    Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is turned on, your controller is on, and you have pushed the pair button on your controller before attempting to connect your Xbox controller to your phone.

  18. If you don't see your controller, tap Pair new device or See all if you've previously had your controller connected.

  19. Tap Xbox Wireless Controller.

    Device Pairing options on the Xbox App.
  20. Tap NEXT.


    The Start Console Stream option on the Xbox App.
  22. Wait for the stream to start.

    A screenshot of a phone getting ready to stream from Xbox One.
  23. Select the game you want to play, and press the A button on your controller.

    A screenshot of streaming Xbox One to a phone.
  24. Your game will start playing on your phone.

    Master Chief Collection streamed to a phone.

How to Stream Xbox One Games to Your Phone With Gamepass

If you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you're probably already familiar with how it allows you to download and play games for free on your Xbox and Windows PC. It also allows you to stream those same games for free from Microsoft's cloud. Since the games are ran in the cloud, you don't need to have an Xbox One or a Windows 10 PC to use this feature.

Here's how to stream Xbox One games to your phone without a console:

  1. Download the Xbox Game Pass (Beta) app from Google Play, and open the app.

  2. Tap the person icon at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Tap Sign in.

  4. Tap Sign in again.

    Screenshots of signing in to stream with Xbox Gamepass
  5. Enter the email address you used when signing up for Xbox Game Pass, and tap Next.

  6. Enter your password and then tap Sign in.

  7. Tap Let's play!

    Screenshots of signing into Xbox Live on a mobile device.
  8. Tap the home icon at the bottom of the screen.

  9. With the CLOUD tab selected, navigate through the game options to locate one that you want to play.

  10. After selecting the game you're interested in, tap PLAY.

    Screenshots showing how to play games on Xbox on a Phone.
  11. Wait while the game loads. This may take quite a while if your internet connection is slow.

    A screenshot of an Xbox Game Pass game stream getting ready.
  12. The game will load from the cloud, and you will be able to play it with the connected controller.

    Crackdown 3 streaming to an Android phone.
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