How to Set Up Your Samsung Gear VR Controller

Use the Samsung VR gamepad to play all your games

Samsung Gear VR and controller

The Samsung Gear VR and its accompanying controller have a rather simple set up. The main part of the setup process is registering or logging in to the Gear VR app on your Samsung smartphone, then connecting the controller to the phone via Bluetooth. Read on to learn how to ensure your Samsung Gear VR controller works well with your Gear VR headset.

How to Connect Samsung Gear VR Controller

The Gear VR controller comes with two AAA batteries. Install the batteries and press and hold the home button to turn the controller on.

  1. The Gear VR uses the screen of your Samsung smartphone to project the visuals for your VR experience into the headset. Undo the connectors on the Gear VR front cover and remove the cover from the headset to reveal the area where your smartphone will fit.

  2. Samsung Gear VR is compatible with all Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6 models, as well as the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Note 5. The phones have different charging ports, either USB-C or Micro USB; if you need to switch the connector port:

    1. Slide the tab on the left connector from locked to unlocked.
    2. Remove the connector.
    3. Insert the proper connector and slide the tab back to locked.

    Deactivate any screen lock features from your Samsung device before connecting it to the Gear VR headset. Make sure your device is also connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile network before installing any software.

  3. Connect your device to the left connector port of the Gear VR with its screen facing inward. Lock the device into place with the right connector.

  4. At this point, you should hear a voice command prompting you to remove the smartphone from the Gear VR headset.

  5. Once you remove the device, you'll see a screen that reads "Samsung Gear VR Welcome." Select Next to download the primary installation software.

  6. Read the Warning Notice, select Agree, then select Next.

  7. Select Install on the next page to begin downloading the Gear VR app.

  8. Once the Gear VR app is installed, login to your account or register a new account. The app may give you the option to use your Facebook credentials to register a new account.

    Samsung Gear VR set up
    Samsung Gear VR set up.
  9. Download any software updates if they're provided.

  10. Select Turn on Bluetooth at the page for pairing your Gear VR controller, then confirm the device permissions for enabling Bluetooth.

  11. Select Pair and confirm the device permissions to access the device's location.

    Samsung Gear VR controller pair
    Paring Samsung Gear VR controller.
  12. You'll see a green light on the controller once it's paired and a 'Paired Gear VR controller' notice will appear on your smartphone.

  13. Select Next to calibrate your controller.

    Calibrate Samsung Gear VR controller
    Calibrate Samsung Gear VR controller.
  14. Hold the controller and draw a figure 8 in the air to calibrate.

  15. Select either Left Handed or Right Handed depending on how you'd like to use your controller.

  16. Select Done.

  17. Once controller setup is complete your smartphone will load the Gear VR app store. Connect your smartphone to the Gear VR headset and put the headset on. Use the controller to navigate the app store, play games, and access other content in VR.