How to Set up Google Wifi

Cover an entire home with mesh networking in a few minutes

A Google Wifi Router before it's set up.

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A Google Wifi setup is the perfect solution for a house that may be too big or oddly shaped to accommodate a single wireless router. Its mesh networking approach combines multiple Wi-Fi devices into one large network and offers flexibility for various living spaces. Setup is typically easier than adding a range extender to a more traditional wireless router, and requires no prior networking experience.

Getting Started With Google Wifi

You can buy Google Wifi in packs with different number of units, but the most common is the three pack. It features one device which will be connected to the internet modem and two other devices for extended wireless range.

Instructions in this article are tailored for the 3-pack Google Wifi configuration, but the setup and use remains the same for all scenarios with more or less units.

  1. Start with any Google Wifi unit and connect it to power with the supplied USB-C power cord.

  2. Connect the ethernet cable from your modem to the port underneath labeled with the globe icon.

  3. If you have another ethernet device, you can connect it to the remaining open port on the bottom of the Google Wifi unit.

    You don't need to place the other Google Wifi units around your house yet. The app will indicate when to do that.

How to Set up Google Wifi

You’re now ready to set up Google Wifi. Unlike other types of routers, Google Wifi uses a mobile app for the set up process. In addition to setup, the app enables you to see which devices are connected to your network, see how much data each device is using, limit their access, set time limits, add a guest network and password, and more.

The Google Wifi app will also allow you to access you home Wi-Fi network remotely. Even if you’re not home, you can control the settings at your house.

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  1. Download the Google Wifi app from the App Store or Google Play.

  2. Sign in to your Google account.

  3. If your Google Wifi point is close by and plugged into power, the app will find it.

  4. Stay close to the Wifi point. You'll need to scan the bottom of it with your mobile device's camera.

  5. When prompted, select a location/room in your home for the first Google Wifi point.

  6. Next, create a name and password for your new wireless internet signal to keep neighbors from "borrowing" your internet.

  7. Your network will now be setup and you can continue setting up the other two Wifi points.

    It’s recommended to plug in the next Wifi point close by, about one room away.

  8. Tap Add Wifi Point.

  9. The app will then test itself to make sure the distance is good and the signal is strong between the Wifi points.

  10. Repeat that process one more time with the final Wifi point.

  11. Test out your new network. If you experience dead spots in connectivity, you can add another Wifi point at anytime from the app. From within the app, tap the hamburger menu > Set up Wifi point.

    Google sells individual Wifi points you can add at any time.