How to Sync Your Google and Apple Calendars

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Your Google Calendar will sync seamlessly with the default calendar app for iOS if you set it up using Apple's Add Account wizard.

This technique surfaces one or more of your Google Calendars in iOS; it does not blend or merge your Google Calendar with your iCloud account or with any other calendar account you've set up on your iPhone or iPad.

These instructions apply to iOS versions from iOS 11.

Set Up Your Google Calendars in Apple Calendar

To add your Google Calendars to Apple Calendar and have them synchronize automatically

  1. Open Settings > Password & Accounts on your iPhone or iPad.

  2. Tap Add Account.

    Add Account button in iPad Settings app
  3. Choose Google from the next screen.

    Google logo in Add Account screen in iOS Settings
  4. Sign in to your Google Account. Although the Add Account wizard appears to still be functioning, you're actually looking at a wrapped version of a Google website, so you're free to tap the Create account link if you wish to create a Google Account from scratch. Most people, though, will just sign into an existing account.

    The Google Accounts login screen requests your username and password on separate pages. If you've set up two-factor authentication on your Google Account, you must supply the response code as well.

  5. Select which parts of your Google Account sync with your iPhone or iPad. By default, iOS selects Mail, Contacts, and Calendars, but does not sync Notes. Ensure that the Calendars option is selected (i.e., the slider shows green). Tap Save to continue.

    Calendars option in Gmail settings on iPad toggle to ON
  6. Open your Calendar app to view your appointments. If you've got a large calendar, it may take a few minutes to completely sync.

Adding Individual Google Calendars to iOS

You need not sync all of the associated calendars in your Google Account to iOS.

  1. Go to Google's Calendar sync page.

  2. Select the calendars you'd like to sync with Apple's Calendar app. If the calendar's checkbox is active, it'll sync. If the checkbox is cleared, it will not.

    Think twice about syncing shared calendars like public or religious holidays. Different calendars tend to show these events, so you may end up with quite a few duplicate entries, especially if you've got several calendars synced to iOS.

  3. Click or tap Save.

    Save button in Google Calendar Sync settings
  4. Refresh your Apple Calendar to check that your preferences are reflected.

Using Google Calendar with your iPhone or iPad

Several Google Calendar features don't work on Apple Calendar. These include Google's Room Scheduler and emailed event notifications. Also, you can't create new Google calendars using Apple Calendar.

Open the Settings > Passwords & Accounts menu at any time to turn on or off individual to sync settings, including your calendar. Just tap your Gmail account to reveal the switches for mail, contacts, calendars, and notes.

By adding your Google Account directly into iOS, you've configured it for Apple's native Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Notes apps. However, apps from the App Store, like Microsoft Outlook, cannot read from the iOS Settings configuration; you'll have to set up your Google Account individually in those non-Apple apps.