How to Set Up Apple TV+ Family Sharing

With a few clicks you can share with up to 5 other people

What to Know

  • Set up Apple Family Sharing: On a Mac, go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Family Sharing. Agree to be responsible for purchases.
  • From an iOS device, go to Settings > your name > Family Sharing > Add a Family Member and toggle the channels to share to On.
  • From a Mac, go to System Preferences > Family Sharing > TV Channels and make sure Apple TV+ is in your list of channels.

This article explains how to set up Apple Family Sharing to share Apple TV+ with your family members using a Mac or an iOS device.

How to Set Up Apple Family Sharing

Before you can share Apple TV+ with any members of your family, you first need to set up Apple Family Sharing. It's a simple process. You'll find the option in your settings on an iPhone or an iPad, or you can access them on a Mac from the Apple menu > System Preferences > Family Sharing.

When you set up family sharing, one adult from the household has to be in charge of adding and removing family members. This person is also responsible for all charges made against your Apple account from Apple TV+ or from other connected apps in the Apple ecosystem.

In either setup method, you'll need to agree to be the person who is responsible for any purchases made by shared family members. This means providing your credit card information (if you haven't already provided it; if you did, then you'll need to confirm it). You'll also need to invite family members to your sharing group.

How to Share Apple TV+ With Family Members

Once you've set up Family Sharing, then you can begin to share different Apple services, including Apple TV+, with members of your Family Group. During the initial setup process, you had to select at least one program to share with family members. If you only have Apple TV, or if you selected Apple TV as the option to share, then there's nothing more you need to do. Your family members should automatically have access to your Apple TV+ channel.

If you selected a different service, you can still share Apple TV+ using the steps below.

You must set up Family Sharing on an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer). You won't be able to set it up from an Apple TV, a Windows device or computer or other non-Apple devices that support Apple TV+.

Share Apple TV+ From an iOS Device

Once you've signed up for Apple Family Sharing, if you have your iPhone or iPad available, you can enable Apple TV+ sharing from that device.

  1. Open Settings on your iOS device and then tap [your name], which contains your Apple ID Settings.

    The personal account option in Apple Settings.
  2. In your Apple ID Settings, select Family Sharing.

    The Family Sharing option on iOS.
  3. In Family Sharing, you can tap Add a Family Member if the person you want to share Apple TV+ isn't already in your Family Group.

    You can add a new Family Member to your Family Sharing Group anytime you want, so long as you have available spaces open to share with them. Remember that you're limited to five additional Family Members (six total, but you count as one).

    The Add a Family Member option in Family Sharing on iOS.
  4. Once you're sure you're sharing with the Family Members you want, tap the On/Off toggle next to TV Channels to share your TV Channels with your Family Group.

    If you want to share Apple TV+ with your Family Group, you'll have to share all the channels you're subscribed to with all the members of your family.

    Where to toggle On sharing TV Channels with Family Members.
  5. If you don't remember what TV Channels you're subscribed to, you can tap TV Channels to open the TV Channels page and view all your subscriptions.

    The TV Channels list in iOS that shows what channels you're subscribed to.
  6. When you've finished sharing your TV Channels, you can close out of settings and the Apple TV+ and other channels will be available to the members of your Shared Family Group.

    Not all content is available for sharing in a Shared Family Group. While Apple TV+ and other channels can be shared, if you try sharing some apps and other items on your account, it may not be possible.

Share Apple TV+ From a macOS Computer

You can also share Apple TV+ from your macOS computer if that's the device you happen to have nearby or if you were using it to setup Family Sharing.

  1. On your macOS computer, open System Preferences.

    The System Preferences icon on macOS.
  2. In the System Preferences dialog box, select Family Sharing.

    The Family Sharing icon in System Preferences on macOS.
  3. Select TV Channels.

    The location of TV Channels in Family Sharing on macOS.
  4. Check to make sure Apple TV+ is in your list of channels. If it is, then it's shared. Otherwise, you may need to check that you have enabled family sharing and subscribed to Apple TV+.

    Shared Apple TV+ on macOS.
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