Setting Up an Email Signature in AOL

Don't pass up a chance to market your business or brand

What to Know

  • Go to Options > Mail Settings > Compose and select Use Signature under Signature.
  • Type your desired signature in the text field, then select Save Settings.
  • Email signatures can contain your contact information, quotes, social media links, and other marketing or business information.

This article explains how to set up an AOL email signature and how to change your signature in AOL Mail. Your signature appears automatically at the bottom of all messages you send.

How to Set Up an Email Signature in AOL

Follow these steps set up or change your email signature in AOL Mail:

  1. Select Options > Mail Settings in the upper-right corner of AOL Mail.

    Mail Settings under Options in AOL Mail
  2. Select Compose in the left sidebar, then select Use Signature under Signature.

    If you decide to disable your signature in the future, go back to this screen and choose No signature.

    Compose and Use Signature in AOL Mail Settings
  3. Type your desired signature in the text field. Use the options in the toolbar to adjust the font, embed links, and format the text.

    Signature text field in AOL Mail settings
  4. Select Save Settings and close the Mail Settings window.

    You can change your signature at any time by returning to this screen and editing the text. Remember to save your changes.

    Save Settings and close window icon in AOL Mail Settings

What Is an Email Signature?

The signature at the end of your email can be a valuable tool in marketing your business, building your brand, promoting your blog, or providing contact information. Email signatures usually contain your name, essential contact information, perhaps a link, and sometimes a witty quote, social media icons, poetry, or ASCII art.

AOL Mail Signature Tips

Email signatures can include all sorts of information. Focus on what's most important so as not to overwhelm the recipient.

  • Keep an email signature to no more than five lines of text.
  • Use a bar ( | ) to separate elements in an address.
  • If the signature is for a business, include the company's full address, contact information, and website.
  • When applicable, include a Facebook URL or other social media links.
  • Use the email to market your business (or yourself).
  • Include the standard signature delimiter if desired.
  • Personal email signatures might include social networking information or a quotation.
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