Setting up an Email Signature in AOL

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The signature at the end of your email can be a valuable tool in marketing your business, building your brand, promoting your blog, or providing contact information. In AOL, you can create up to five email signatures — snippets of text that can be added to the bottom of your emails. Usually, email signatures contain your name, essential contact information, perhaps a link, and sometimes a witty quote, marketing, poetry, or ASCII art.

Set Up an Email Signature in AOL

To set up an email signature in AOL:

  1. Log in to AOL Mail.

  2. Select Mail > Set Mail Signatures from the menu in AOL.

  3. Click Create.

  4. Give the signature a meaningful name under Signature Name. This is important if you set up more than one signature, so you can choose the one you want easily.

  5. Type the desired signature text in the text field.

  6. Check Use Rich Text / HTML Editing if you want to style the text or add images using the formatting toolbar.

  7. Click OK and close the window.

Now, adding the signature to any outgoing email is easy.

About Email Signature Contents

Email signatures can include all sorts of information. Focus on the most important, so as not to overwhelm the recipient.

  • Keep an email signature to no more than five lines of text.
  • Use the "pipe" symbol ( | ) to separate elements in an address.
  • If the signature is for a business, include the company's full address and contact. information. If the business has a website address, include it.
  • When applicable, include a Facebook URL.
  • Use the email to market your business (or yourself).
  • Include the standard signature delimiter, if desired.
  • Personal email signatures might include social networking information or a quotation.
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