How to Set Up Alexa Sleep Sounds

Play ambient or other sounds to get a soothing night’s rest

Getting a good night’s rest isn’t always easy, but hearing soothing sounds can help. Amazon Alexa Sleep Sounds includes a variety of soothing selections you can play on your Alexa-enabled devices.

Use Soothing Alexa Sleep Sounds

Whether you love the sound of rain, wind, thunder, the ocean, or ambient music, you can tell Alexa to play it for you. Other possibilities include a guided meditation, a bedtime story, or white noise.

Different sleep sounds come from various Alexa skills. For example, the Sleep Sounds skill allows you to choose between a wide variety of sounds, including ocean waves, fireplace, rainforest, crickets, frogs, wind, rain, dishwasher, and waterfall. Zen Sounds includes options for thunder, Japanese garden, beach, desert, wolf, or sailing sounds. 

A woman is sleeping peacefully in a bed.
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Several Alexa skills, such as Short Bedtime Story, will play you (or your kids) a story. Some, such as Mindful Meditation, will lead you through your choice of guided meditations. Still others, like Sleep Sounds: White Noise, offer, you guessed it, white noise. If bedtime music is more your thing, there are many skills for that, too.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can access Amazon Prime Music through Alexa. Just say, “Alexa, play sleeping sounds on Amazon Prime Music.”

You can use Alexa to create your own sleeping sounds playlist. While Amazon Prime Music is playing, say, “Alexa, create a new playlist.” Then, when a track you want to add to it is played say, “Alexa, add this track to my playlist.”

How to Play Ambient Sleep Sounds

To use any of the skills mentioned above, you must first enable them:

  1. Say, “Alexa, enable [skill].”

  2. Alexa may ask you to differentiate between several similar skills.

  3. Respond with the skill you’re interested in.

Activate Your Alexa's Skill

Once you’ve enabled some Alexa sleep sounds skills, you’re ready to activate them at bedtime:

  1. Tell Alexa the skill you want to enable by saying, “Alexa, play [skill].”

  2. Alexa may ask you some follow-up questions. For example:

    You: Alexa, play Sleep Sounds.

    Alexa: Welcome to Sleep Sounds by Invoked Apps. I can play many relaxing sound loops like Thunderstorms and Rain. Or you can ask me for a list. You can also tell me two sounds to play at the same time. Which sound would you like?

  3. Respond with your choices.

    You: Ocean Waves.

    Alexa: [Ocean Waves sound]

  4. Enjoy your rest!

Alexa Routines

Another way to get your soothing sounds going is by using an Alexa Routine. A Routine allows you to use your own command to tell Alexa what to do. For example, if, instead of asking her to play a particular skill, you'd rather say, "Alexa, help me get my beauty sleep," you can set up a Routine to do this. Here's how.

  1. In the Alexa app, from the main menu, select Routines.

    The Alexa app is showing the main menu.
  2. On the Routines screen, tap Add (+ icon).

    The Alexa app is showing the Routines screen.
  3. Tap When this happens > Voice.

    The Alexa app is showing the New Routine screen.
  4. Type in the phrase you want to use, then tap Save.

    The Alexa app is showing the When You Say screen.
  5. On the next screen, tap Add action.

  6. Tap Music. Then, select the station and source you want to play. You can also add a timer if you want. Tap Next > Save.

    The Alexa app is showing the Music & Media screen.
  7. Now, when you want to use the Routine, just say to Alexa the phrase you programmed in.

Using and Alexa Sleep Timer

Once you have your sleep sounds going, you can tell Alexa to stop them after a certain period of time. This is called a sleep timer. 

  1. Say, “Alexa, set a sleep timer for one hour.” 

  2. Whatever is playing will stop after an hour.

  3. If you want the sounds to stop before then, just say, “Alexa, stop.” 

Once you have your sleep sounds going, you can set up a loop to ensure the sounds continue uninterrupted. Just say, “Alexa, loop this sound.”