How to Set a Song as an iPhone Alarm

Wake up to your favorite song

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Setting an alarm song on your iPhone does just that — it makes the alarm sound a song of your choosing instead of a built-in ringtone. Turning your iPhone into a music alarm clock lets you wake up to your favorite tunes!

Your iPhone must be running iOS 6 or above to set a song as an alarm instead of a standard ringtone.

How to Add Music to an iPhone Alarm

Setting an alarm with music is done differently than how you handle ringtones on iPhone. To make a music alarm, you need to access the Clock app.

  1. From the Clock app, go into the Alarm section from the bottom menu.

  2. Tap the plus sign to set up a new alarm, or edit an existing alarm by going to Edit and then tapping the alarm.

  3. Tap Sound.

  4. Scroll up and choose Pick a song.

    Plus button, Sound button, Pick a song in iOS Clock app
  5. Choose any song from your iPhone that you want to set as the alarm sound.

  6. Confirm that the music was added to the iPhone alarm, and then tap Back and then Save.

    Song for alarm, Back button, Save button in iOS Clock app

Can't Find the Right Alarm Clock Song?

Your personal Apple alarm clock only works with songs that you've saved to your phone in the Music app. This means you can't set the iPhone alarm music to be something from Spotify, Pandora, or any other music streaming app.

To make a specific song your alarm on iPhone, you have to use Apple Music to purchase the song or sync your phone with your computer to transfer the song from iTunes to your iPhone.

You can also download free ringtones and make your own iPhone ringtones to use as custom alarm clock sounds.

Something similar you can do on iPhone is set a timer in the Music app to shut off your music at bedtime.