How to Set Your Homepage in Firefox

Customize your Firefox homepage for a more personal internet browser

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Customizing your Firefox homepage can be a great way to add a more personalized touch to your web browsing experience, whether you're using Firefox on a computer or on iOS and Android devices.

Here's what you need to know about changing your Firefox homepage and making it your own.

What is a Firefox Homepage?

The Firefox homepage, sometimes referred to as a start page or home screen, is the first page you see when you launch the Mozilla Firefox internet browser. The contents of the Firefox homepage on a desktop can be customized to load a specific website, a completely blank page with nothing on it, or a variety of Firefox widgets showing your most-visited websites.

On mobile, the Firefox app will display a blank page, a custom web page defined by you, or a collection of thumbnails for your most-visited websites called Top Sites.

How to Set the Firefox Homepage on Mac and PC

Setting the Firefox Homepage on a computer is quick and easy, meaning you can do it countless times without issue. Of course, Firefox has to be running for you to set the homepage.

Screenshot of the Home settings in Mozilla Firefox
  1. After opening the Mozilla Firefox browser on your macOS or Windows computer, select the three vertical lines icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

  2. From the drop-down menu, select Options.

  3. Select Home from the menu on the left side of the screen.

  4. At the top of the next screen, you should see the words Homepage and new windows next to a drop-down menu. Select the drop-down menu to reveal three options for your Mozilla Firefox browser homepage: Firefox Home (Default), Custom URLs, and Blank Page.

  5. Select the homepage option you want from the drop-down menu. The change will enable immediately.

How to Set the Firefox Homepage on iOS

In the official Firefox app on iOS, the home screen will, by default, display the Top Sites option, a collection of thumbnails linking to your favorite websites. These can be removed by performing a long tap on each thumbnail, then tapping Remove from the pop-up menu. Similarly, you can add websites to your Top Sites by performing a long tap on a site once it's loaded, then tap Pin to Top Sites from the pop-up menu.

To have a web page load instead of Top Sites when you open Firefox on iOS, go to the menu icon > Settings > Homepage, then enter the website URL into the field.

How to Set the Firefox Homepage on Android

The homepage on the official Firefox app for Android devices can display either a custom web page or Firefox Home, a screen with widgets displaying your Top Sites and other recommended content.

To customize the Firefox Android homepage:

  1. Tap the menu button.

  2. Tap on Settings > General > Home > Set a Homepage.

  3. From this screen, you can choose Firefox Home or Custom. The latter option will allow you to enter a website URL to be used as your homepage upon the next startup.

How to Change Mozilla Firefox's Homepage

You can change your Firefox homepage settings as many times as you want after you select your initial preference. All you need to do is repeat the steps you originally did and select a different option from the dropdown menu or type in a new website address in the Custom URL field.

What is the Firefox Home Default Option?

The Firefox Home homepage option loads a special screen within the Firefox browser when you open it. This screen displays small icons for some of your most-visited websites, larger image previews of pages you've recently visited or saved, and promotional blocks, referred to as snippets, created by Firefox and its related companies.

Screenshot of the Mozilla Firefox home screen on Windows 10 PC
The default Mozilla Firefox home screen shows a mix of websites you visit and other data.

Firefox Home can be customized on the same screen as the main Firefox homepage options, just under the Firefox Home Content heading. Checked items will appear on your homepage, while unchecked ones will be removed.

What Are Custom URLs in Firefox?

By entering a website's address into the Firefox homepage Custom URL field, the browser will immediately load that page next time it's launched without you manually inputting the address.

This can be useful if you tend to check the same website every time you open Firefox. Common examples people use would be a social network like Facebook or Twitter, or their email service's website, such as Gmail or Outlook.

If you're on a web page you'd like to make your Firefox homepage, instead of opening up the Options screen, simply select the website's icon to the left of its URL and drag it to the small icon that looks like a house.

What Does Firefox's Blank Page Setting Do?

The Blank Page homepage option in Firefox will simply load a completely empty page when you open your browser. This option usually makes Firefox open faster as there's no additional content to download from the internet.

Do I Need to Change the Firefox Homepage?

Changing your Firefox browser's homepage settings is purely optional and is not required to use the program for browsing the internet or to use any of its other features.