How to Set Your Homepage in Firefox

Customize your Firefox homepage for a more personal internet browser

Whether you use Firefox on a computer or mobile device, customize the homepage to quickly navigate to a preferred search engine or website when you open the browser or select the home button. Here's what you need to know about changing your Firefox homepage and making it yours.

What Is the Firefox Homepage?

The Firefox homepage, sometimes referred to as a start page or home screen, is the first page you see when you open the Mozilla Firefox internet browser.

You can customize the homepage to load a specific website, a blank page, or various Firefox widgets showing your most-visited sites. The function works similarly on desktop and mobile devices, with a slight difference in design and menu layout.

How to Set the Firefox Homepage

Follow these instructions to set or change your Firefox homepage on a desktop or laptop computer.

Changing the homepage settings is optional. It isn't required to use Firefox or any of its features.

  1. With Firefox open, select the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner.

    Firefox with the More menu highlighted
  2. Select Preferences/Options.

    Or, press Command+Comma (macOS) or Ctrl+Comma (Windows) to open the preferences.

    Firefox with the Preferences option highlighted
  3. From the left menu bar, select Home.

    Home in Firefox settings
  4. Select the drop-down menu next to Homepage and new windows, then select Firefox Home (Default), Custom URLs, or Blank Page.

    The Custom URLs option under Homepage and New Windows

    Firefox Home can be customized on the same screen as the Firefox homepage settings under the Firefox Home Content heading. Checked items appear on your homepage, while unchecked ones are removed.

  5. If you selected Custom URLs, copy and paste the URL into the text field.

    Using a custom URL can be useful if you check the same site every time you open Firefox. Common homepage sites include social networks like Facebook or Twitter, email clients like Gmail or Outlook, or search engines like Google.

How to Set the Homepage in Firefox for iOS

Here's how to set or change the Firefox homepage on an iOS device:

  1. Open the Firefox app and tap the hamburger menu in the lower-right corner.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Choose Home.

    Hamburger menu, Settings, and Home in the Firefox app for iOS
  4. Tap the Custom URL field.

  5. Enter the URL of your desired homepage.

  6. Tap Return to finish entering and select this option.

    Setting a new Homepage in Firefox for iOS
  7. You may want to go back and repeat these steps for the New Tab section.

How to Use Firefox Top Sites

You can set your homepage to include a list of your favorite sites, provided you use Firefox Home as your homepage. Here's how to enter a Top Site:

To remove a Top Site, hover over the site you want to remove, select the three horizontal dots, and choose Dismiss.

You can select how many rows of Top Sites to include on the homepage under the Settings > Home menu.

  1. Hover over the Top Sites section and click the three-dot menu.

    The three-dot menu in Firefox's Top Sites section
  2. Click Add Top Site.

    The Add Top Site command
  3. Enter a Title and URL for the site you want to add.

    The Title and URL fields for a new Top Site in Firefox
  4. Optionally, click Use a custom image and add the URL for a thumbnail you want to use for the Top Sites page. If you don't set one, Firefox uses a preview of the site.

    The Use a custom image link
  5. Click Add to save the new site.

    The Add button
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