How to Set an Alarm on Your iPad Clock

The iPad Clock app has an alarm that wakes you up in the morning

You don't have to install an app to set an alarm on the iPad. Alarms are handled through the Clock app, which is one of the default apps that comes with the iPad. There are two ways to set an alarm on the iPad. Either use Siri to do the heavy lifting or open the Clock app and adjust the alarm settings.

These instructions apply to devices running iOS 10 or later.

Siri Is the Easiest Way to Set an Alarm on the iPad

How much easier can it be than simply telling your iPad to do it for you? Siri is Apple's voice-recognition personal assistant and one of its talents is the ability to set an alarm. You won't be able to fine-tune the alarm, such as picking out an individual song or setting the alarm for a specific day of the week, but if you just need to wake up, Siri will get the job done.

  1. To launch Siri, press and hold the Home Button.

  2. When Siri activates, tell it what time to set the alarm for. Use different voice commands for this, including, "Set an alarm for 3 p.m.," "Wake me up at 6:30," and "Set an alarm for 3 hours."

  3. Siri responds with your alarm already set for the proper date and time. If you made a mistake, turn off the toggle switch.

    Siri screen to 'Set an alarm for 8 AM tomorrow'
  4. To customize the alarm, tap the alarm to launch the Clock app. Then, tap Edit and tap the alarm you just set.

    Edit button in iPad Alarm screen
  5. If Siri doesn't activate, make sure the iPad lock screen is not displayed and check to see if Siri is turned on in the iPad's settings.

Set an Alarm Using the iPad's World Clock App

Set an alarm manually and choose a song to wake up to music.

  1. Open the Clock app.

    Clock app on iPad

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  2. Tap Alarm.

    Alarm tab in Clock app on iPad
  3. Tap the Plus Sign in the upper-right corner.

    Add Alarm button in Clock app on iPad
  4. In the Add Alarm window, use the scroll bars to choose what time you want the alarm to go off.

  5. If you want the alarm to repeat, tap Repeat and choose which days of the week the alarm should sound.

    You can create one alarm and customize it to go off on the days that you work and create another alarm on your iPad to go off at a later time on days that you don't work.

  6. Tap Sound to choose a new ringtone for the alarm. You can also choose any song that's on the iPad.

    Sound chooser for new Alarm on iPad
  7. To turn snooze off (so the alarm won't go off at nine-minute intervals after its original time), turn off the Snooze toggle switch.

    Snooze toggle in Clock app on iPad
  8. Give each alarm a name. Tap Label to set a custom name to an individual alarm.

    Wake Up label for new Alarm in Clock app on iPad

How to Edit or Delete an Alarm

After an alarm is saved, the settings aren't set in stone. You can change any individual setting from the sound played when it goes off to the day of the week for it to be active. You can also easily delete the alarm.

  1. Tap Edit in the upper-left corner of the Alarm screen within the World Clock app.

    To display the Alarm screen, tap the Alarm button at the bottom of the display.

    Edit Alarm button in Clock app on iPad
  2. To delete the alarm, tap the red button with the Minus Sign.

    Red minus button to delete an alarm in Clock app on iPad
  3. To customize the alarm, tap the time displayed for the alarm. Or, tap below the time where the repeat and sound settings display. This displays the same edit menu as when you first created the alarm.

    Editing interface for Alarms in Clock app on iPad

How to Set Up Bedtime

The Clock app has a few other neat features beyond setting alarms. You can view a world clock, set a timer, or use the iPad as a giant stopwatch. It can also help you keep your sleep schedule.

The Bedtime feature keeps track of when you wake up through the alarm. It will also work with any sleeping trackers that you've synced with Healthkit. This data helps you pinpoint how much sleep you are getting and the quality of that sleep.

  1. Open the Clock app and tap Bedtime.

    The Bedtime button in Clock app on iPad
  2. Tap Get Started.

    Get Started button in Clock app on iPad
  3. Move the rollers to set your awake time.

    Time setting on Clock app on iPad
  4. Tap the days you want to keep this sleeping schedule.

    Setting days of the week on Clock app on iPad
  5. Move the rollers to set the number of hours of sleep you want to get each night Bedtime is active.

    You can only pick whole hours on this screen, but you'll have a chance to fine-tune it later.

    Setting sleep time in Clock app on iPad
  6. To receive a reminder ahead of your bedtime, tap an option. The app calculates your bedtime by subtracting the amount of sleep you want to get from the time of your alarm.

    Bedtime reminder on Clock app on iPad
  7. Tap the sound you want to hear when you wake up. You can hear samples before you finalize it by tapping Next.

    Wake up sound on the Clock app on iPad
  8. Tap Save.

    The Save button in Clock app on iPad
  9. Move the round sliders to adjust your wake and sleep times in five-minute increments. To switch Bedtime off, turn off the toggle switch to the left of the sliders.

    The Bedtime option on iPad
  10. Tap Options to change settings such as the days of the week, the bedtime reminder, and whether to automatically set the iPad to Do Not Disturb during your sleeping hours.