How to Set an Alarm on Android Devices

From your watch to your phone or tablet, here's what to do

What to Know

  • Open app drawer > select Clock icon > make sure Alarm is selected > select plus (+) sign. Pick alarm time > OK.
  • You can also use Samsung Bixby and Google Assistant to set an alarm on your Android device.

This article explains how to set an alarm on your Android device using the standard app, Samsung Bixby, or Google Assistant.

How to Set a Standard Android Alarm

A standard alarm on an Android device is usually found in the Clock application.

  1. Open the App Drawer by swiping up on your phone, then select the Clock icon.

  2. Make sure Alarm is selected on the bottom left, then select the plus (+) sign.

  3. Pick the time you want your alarm to go off, then select OK.

  4. Your new alarm appears, along with a bunch of options, and is turned on by default. Select the Repeat checkbox and select some days if you want the alarm to go off more than once. You can also add a Label or a Google Assistant Routine, change the alarm's default sound, or turn the vibrate option off or on.

    An Android user sets an alarm in the Clock app

How to Set an Android Alarm With Bixby

Use Samsung Bixby to set up and use alarms on your Samsung phone using your voice.

  1. Press and hold the Bixby button.

  2. Tell Bixby what time you would like to set an alarm for. For example, say "Set an alarm for 7 a.m." Bixby automaticallys add a new alarm to the Clock app.

  3. To turn off an alarm, press and hold the Bixby button. Tell Bixby which alarm you want to turn off, such as "Turn off the alarm for 7 a.m." or "Turn off the alarm for later."

    Setting an alarm with Bixby.

How to Set an Alarm With Google Assistant

With Google Assistant, setting the alarm is a bit easier. If it has access to your smartphone, all you need to do is ask and it gets the ball rolling.

  1. Say “Ok, Google” to wake up the assistant.

  2. Say, “Set an alarm.

  3. Google assistant should ask when, or you can state, “Set an alarm for 7:00 a.m.

    You still need to go into the alarm settings to tweak advanced options, but the Google Assistant can get you started.

    Setting an alarm with Google Assistant.

How to Set an Alarm With Android 4.4 (Kitkat) to 5.1.1 (Lollipop)

Older versions of Android have a more straightforward interface for setting alarms. While most of the same concepts are there, it's just a bit different to set.

  1. Once you’re in the Clock app, select the time to set your desired alarm time.

  2. Below is where you set time by moving the dial around as you select each number for your desired alarm.

  3. Once you set the time, select OK.

  4. To set the days of the week that you want the alarm to go off, select the box Repeat.

  5. Select each day you want the alarm to sound.

  6. Select the Bell icon to set the alarm sound.

  7. Select the sound you want for your alarm and select the back button to continue.

  8. To give your alarm a name, select Label.

  9. Enter the desired name and select OK.

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