How to Send Snapchat GIFs

Delight your friends with animated messages

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Snapchat has grown over the years thanks to its messaging service focusing on pictures and messages only being available for a short period of time. One such form of media that can be sent are GIF images. Here's how to send Snapchat GIFs to your friends, and why it should appeal to you. 

Why Send a GIF on Snapchat?

GIFs are a consistently fun way to express yourself. They're a natural evolution from emojis that focus on the human side of things by being faces that show how you feel. GIFs can be as lighthearted as a cute cat or dog, or they can be a beating heart to show romance towards someone. 

Snapchat is all about activity, like silly face filters or fun frames to add to your photos, so it makes sense to also be able to add animations through GIFs. How to add GIFs to Snapchat is as simple a process as adding other things to your Snapchat messages. 

How to Send GIFs on Snapchat

  1. Tap the camera icon at the bottom of the screen to take a snap.

  2. Tap the sticker icon on the right-hand side of your image.

  3. Tap GIF.

    Steps on how to add a GIF to a Snapchat story

    You can also choose a sticker from here if you'd prefer or you can add typical Snapchat things like the date or temperature.

  4. Tap a GIF from the Giphy Trending section. Alternatively, you can search for your own GIF using the search bar.

    While searching, tap the clock to look up previously used GIFs, stickers, and emojis. If you no longer want to search for a GIF, tap the document icon in the top right corner to return to your snap.

  5. Drag the GIF around on the screen to where you want to place it.

    Steps on finding GIFs via Snapchat's GIF interface

    You can also pinch the GIF to make it bigger or smaller. Want to remove the GIF? Drag the GIF to the bottom of the screen where the trash can is. 

  6. Tap Send to send the completed image. 

    Sending a Snapchat message via a Story or private message

From here, you can add it as part of your daily Snapchat story, or you can choose to send it to a friend directly.