How to Send Private Messages on Pinterest

Send a great pin to a friend the easy way

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When you want to send a delicious recipe, a creative craft or an inspirational quote to a friend on Pinterest, you can do it easily without having to leave the platform.

You have own private inbox in your Pinterest account that you can use to privately send pins and text-based messages to other users. Here's how you can use yours — both on the web and on mobile — if you're not quite sure where to start.

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On the Web: Look for the Speech Bubble Button

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Sign in to your Pinterest account and look for the speech bubble button that appears in the top-right menu between your name and notifications.

You can click it to open up your inbox. From there, you'll see a list of previous messages and a red Compose button that you can click to start a new message.

After clicking Compose, start typing the name of the user (or users) that you want to message in the To: field. Pinterest will automatically suggest users for you to click on and insert them there.

Click Next when you're done choosing the users you want to message. A chat box will open in the bottom left of the screen, which you can use to send text-based messages and heart icons. You can also drag and drop any pin into your chatbox.

If you have any received or ongoing messages, you'll see floating bubbles of user profile photos to the left of your screen. Click one to access the conversation in a pop-up chat box, which you can use to reply instantly.

Some Things You Should Know

You can send one message to multiple users. You can send a single message to multiple Pinterest users. In the "To:" field, simply type and select the users you want to receive the message.

You can only send messages to users who are following you. Unfortunately, you can't send a private message to just any Pinterest user, even if you're following them. They must be following you back if you want to be able to message them. It only makes sense in order to prevent spam.

You can send individual pins, boards, user profiles, and text messages. You can send all sorts of things through Pinterest's private messaging system, including a single pin, an entire board, a specific user's profile and simple text-based messaging. More on this in the next slide.

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On the Web: Send Pins, Boards and Profiles

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You can also take advantage of Pinterest private messages by sending great things that you discover to friends as you discover them. Pinterest has Send buttons on all individual pins, boards and user profiles that you can click to send in a private message.

Click the Send button on any individual pin: Just click to view any individual pin and you'll see a Send button at the top beside the Save button. Click it to automatically send it to one or more users, which starts a new message conversation.

Click the Send button that appears above any board: You can also send full boards through private messaging. Just look for the Send button that looks like an open square with an upward arrow at the top every Pinterest board to send it to one or multiple users.

Click the Send button on any user's profile: Finally, you can recommend user accounts via private message by clicking the Send button located at the top of every Pinterest user's profile. Just like on board pages, the button also looks like an open square with an upward arrow.

Any time you send a new message (whether it's by clicking one of the Send buttons or by starting a new one from your main messages) all sent messages will prompt a pop-up message box to appear in the bottom left corner, along with user profile photo bubbles along the side to show all current ongoing messages with users.

A tiny red notification number will appear on the user's bubble when they've answered. You can close any message by hovering your mouse over the user's profile photo bubble and clicking the black X.

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On the Mobile App: Look for the Speech Bubble Button

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The Pinterest mobile app is even more fun to use than it is on the web, and sending messages is just as fun and easy on the app too.

Like, all you have to do is sign into your account on the Pinterest app and tap the speech bubble button in the top right of the screen. It will appear no matter what tab you're on.

Tap it to see a list of your previous messages or tap the red New Message button at the top to start a new message. Use the search field to find a contact or tap one from the list below.

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On the Mobile App: Long Press Any Pin to Send It in a Message

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The Pinterest app offers a really unique way to send individual pins via private message. 

Simply long-press (tap and hold down for a second or two) any pin, and you should see three new buttons pop up. Look for the one that looks like an open square with an upward arrow, which represents the Send button.

Without taking your finger off the screen, move it toward the Send button to automatically open a new message box. You can choose one or multiple users to send it to, and add an option text-based message. Recipients will be able to reply to your message with pins or other text-based messages.

When viewing boards and individual profiles, you should also see the same icon at the top, which allows you to send entire boards and profiles when you're busy browsing.